New board tips and cool features..(m)

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New board tips and cool features..(m)
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 9:20pm
Cool Feature # 1

At the top of the board you will see Welcome(your name) and beside that a row of links. Click on Favorite Boards and see what happens! You get a box showing all the iVillage boards you have visited and you can check them and add them to your favorite board list. Beside each one it tells you how many new messages there are on that board and how many of them are to you! You can click on the link there to take you to that board!!

Tip #1 Searching the Outline View

Put the board in outline view.

Then click Ctrl+F.

This will bring up a search box.

Type in the entire title of the thread you want to open or a member name. It will highlight that thread in blue on the outline viewed board.

Cool Feature #2 - Icon List is now in alphabetical Order!!!

Tip # 2

Oops I put someone on my ignore list..How do I take them off?

To remove Friends or those you've Ignored... go to your profile, select "update your profile" and click on the last tab that says "Friends" from there you will have the option of removing those people from your Ignore list :)

Cool Feature #3 Your Friends List

*All the people on your Friends list will have a little face with a blue cap on next to thier names in an open post and on the outline view.

When you have the outline view open the little "friend" icon will make it easier for you to find posts from the members on your list.

To add a member to your friends list:

Open up a post/Thread posted by that member you would like to add. On the left hand side of the post under the persons name you have the option to add to your friends list.

* This Feature also allows only your friends to view certain parts of your profile if you have your profile set up to only allow your friends to view.

Tip # 3

On posts that are made daily or are in refrence to a certain day..Place that days date in your message heading. That will make the post easier to find and reply to.

Cool Feature #4 *Show me*

On the right hand side of the board above the first folder there is a little drop down box that says *show me*

This box gives you the option to view posts made...


7 days back

2 days back


with unread msgs

I've recently seen

I've ignored

This will make finding posts and replies easier

Cool Feature # 5 *Edit*

You can now edit your posts!!

You can find the edit button on the right hand side of an open post.

Once a post has been replied to it cannot be edited

Tip #4

Having trouble finding a post you made and want to read the replies to?

After you have posted your post..go back and open the thread and bookmark it to your favorites. The bookmark option is on the right hand side of your opened post under the edit option.

That way your post is right in your searching...and you can easily read all your replies

Tip #6

This one may be confusing..I found it on another board but it does work...LOL

This will allow you to see only one Thread and all it's replies in an outline view

Imagine the post you are looking at has this address in the browser window:

remove the word "message" and replace it with the word "outline" then remove the "msg" and replace that with "tid" then simply hit your enter button and it will open that thread only in an outline view.

Tip #7

How to save your favorite boards or the outline view in your favorites...

Click on the link on the top of the board by your name...favorite boards...Right click on the page and there should be an option to save to your favorites..

That way you can open your favorite boards without having to open a board first..

Now I just discovered this so I'm not sure if it will refresh it's self..Let me know if you find any kinks with this tip...

Tip #8 How to refresh the outline view and favorite boards without closing them and reopening the window..

Right click on the page you wish to refresh

There should be an option to on it and your page will refresh!

Hope this helps a little bit.