New here and Intro

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New here and Intro
Fri, 03-03-2006 - 4:38pm
Hello I am Nre here to this board, I am a SAHM to$ children and have one Heavenly angel
My Name is April I have Angel Mikayla who was a Special needs chils you can read all about her at
and i have Hunter whom is TD but has a Birth defect called coloba of one eye cause him some vision loss but correct with glasses he is 9 and i Noah whom Is my complcated Lil Guy he Has special nedds and dx of (former preemie,Chronic Asthma, Lots and Lots of Food and Enviro all, ADHD< ODD, DSI(sensoery intergation disfuntion),gets Ot and Sensory therapy,is in special ed at school, will be tested forAspergers in April has several austic finding, DD and Migrains and reflux, still on a supplement because of oral advisions to foods but not tubed and b/ec of milk all so bad. He is 8 yrs old, then I have Zach he was also a former premiee and has the birth defect Colobomas in both eyes andcauses him to be totally blind in one eye and some vision loss in the otherand Heterochromia(each eye a differnt color) andhe is & and then there is Mimmie my newest and yougest she is 18 months and is a former preemie with ths dx now of low tone hearing loss and DD and Hypertonia of prematurity having our secong MRI in Sep dur to a Mylation is incomplete and neuro want to see this to watch b/c he said at 2 it should be complete but said to prepare b/c it could very well be incomplete againthen we will dicuss things futher .she cant walkat all yet when she stand its on her toes we are getting afo's for her and she has a mild hearing loss,
we are looking for a small walker for her if anybody has they want to sell or donate.
this sounds like a great group thanks for letting us join here
April, Mommy tp Angel Mikayla, Mimmie Hunter Noah and zach
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Sat, 03-04-2006 - 5:29pm

Hi April and welcome!