New here with questions about CP

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New here with questions about CP
Mon, 02-20-2006 - 7:33am
I have a 9 month old son (3rd child) who has some gross motor & sensory motor
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Mon, 02-20-2006 - 11:29am

Virginia, welcome!



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Wed, 02-22-2006 - 2:49pm

Hi Virginia,

My 13yo dd has CP but she is at the very severe end of the spectrum, which it doesn't sound like your baby is at all(and that's great!). Have the EI people come to any conclusions yet? With our dd, we pretty much figured from the beginning that there would be problems because she was born very sick--was full term but had fetal distress and almost died. She suffered pretty severe brain damage. She never reached any motor milestones--no sitting, crawling, etc. CP is so different in every person, though, depending on the severity. I don't think you can really compare kids that have it because of the differences. I hope you get some answers soon as it is hard not knowing. Your baby will be just fine even if he has CP, and so will you. Moms do what they gotta do and he is still the same little person as he always was. Best wishes to you and your family.


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Thu, 02-23-2006 - 2:26am

Hi Virginia,

Like you I'm new here too and also have a daughter with CP. However, my daughter has severe CP. Your children are beautiful and look very healthy. There are many different types of CP. I knew about my daughter after 3weeks but the drs didn't diagnose her until she was 3yrs. She was a beautiful little girl at birth until she got sick 3 days later.
If there was one thing I could say to you is don't worry. Your little is special with or without CP. Take each day as it comes. We moms do what we have too and you will be fine too.
Researching CP was very helpful to us and very informative too.

Always rememeber that you are a great mommy and no-one can change that. Big Hugs to you & your family.