Not sure if we belong here but...

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Not sure if we belong here but...
Sun, 06-22-2003 - 9:24am
I wanted to post. My daughter who will be 4 months July 2 was born with a rare condition called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Her adrenal glands, located right above the kidneys don't produce the hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is needed to regulate the bodys stress. She was in NICU for 5 days after her birth and has to take hydrocortisone pills for the rest of her life. In the event of a stressful situation, such as heavy exercise or a cut knee (depending on the severity) we would have to inject solucortisol to save her life. She has to go in for surgery at 9months-1 year, so she will have to be given extra doses of her meds to help deal with the stress. Even when she's given her immunizations my dh and I have to give her a double dose of the cortisol to help her body deal with the stress. The common cold can be very deadly to people with CAH if not treated properly.

I just wanted to post here and say hello. I'm not sure if we qualify as special needs but thought I would post anyways. :) Take care, must get back to my dd.

Sherry and Anika Renee