The One Number Place

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The One Number Place
Fri, 11-10-2006 - 3:20am

I had to share this story. I talked to my dd's on the phone today. My odd has a dd, Zoie who is 4yo. My oldest ds's gf was talking to my dd's one day about finding a new house. Zoie told her, quite seriously, that she should call Grandma Honey (ME) and ask about the "one number place." They, of course, could NOT figure out what in the world she was talking about. She kept insisting that they call Grandma Honey. Finally, the put her on a play cell phone and told her to call me and talk to me about it. (Okay, my dd's and ds's gf are weird!LOL) They still could not figure it out.

A couple of weeks later, Zoie was with my ydd when she went to "town." They turned off at an exit that they don't use a lot. They got to the stop sign. Zoie said, "THERE'S the 'one number place'." It was the Motel 6 where she had spent the night with us one time when we were down visiting.



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Fri, 11-10-2006 - 11:36am

LOL,LOL, that's just too cute!

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