OT---What are you reading this summer?

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OT---What are you reading this summer?
Sat, 06-05-2004 - 8:15am

Is it a fun read?

Is it research?

What are you reading?

Where are you reading?



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Sat, 06-05-2004 - 12:34pm
Is it a fun read? This makes me laugh as I find ANY read a fun read. Even if it were research it'd have to be fun (for me) or I'd never do it. And I read "everything"

Is it research? NO

What are you reading? So far this past week I have read...James Patterson Cradle and All, Janelle Taylor Not Without You and Terry Goodking Naked Empire (8th in a series), and Crossword Puzzles vloume 10--which isn't "reading" but it has almost 700 crossword puzzles in it, so I do a little each day.

Where are you reading? Everywhere, I am not being sarcastic. I read in the bathroom, the bedroom (I go to bed earlier than my DH so I am alone. wink wink.LOL), closet (Ihave a walkin closet and will read while I get dressed...I know I'm weird), kitchen, living room, outside, I read cereal boxes for goodness sakes!!!!!!

Now I do this in little spurts when the kids are occupied by TV, or naps, or are out with their grandparents, and the like. But if I'm not playing with them, or doing my "Mommy duties (cleaning, cooking, etc) I read, unless I'm chatting on the computer.LOL