Parents of Children w/ Renal Failure

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Parents of Children w/ Renal Failure
Wed, 06-16-2004 - 7:58pm
I have a son who is 3 weeks old and just diagnosed last week with renal failure. Last night he had a catheter for peritineal dialysis. I am feeling very overwhelmed, stressed and alone. Is there anyone there to help me?


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Wed, 06-16-2004 - 8:20pm

Hi Destiny and welcome.



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Sat, 06-26-2004 - 5:06pm
I know it must be hard try to look at the good and keep hope and hopefuly it will turn out good and you will make threw with your son, i dont sare the same thing but close understand who you must be feeling wishing you the best and lots of prayers for you.

I sign to my daughter it helps her and i be claim. P.S song I sing

Smile even thought your heart is breaking

Smile even thought it is acking, all tho a tear may be ever

so near thats the time when you must keep on trying Smile whats the use of crying

When there are clounds in the sky you will get bye if you smile threw your fears

in sarrows Smile there will be a tomarrow if you light up your face with gladness hide every trace for sadness you fide that life is still wroth wild if you just smile