Question about where to buy

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Question about where to buy
Wed, 03-21-2007 - 3:31pm

I have a step sister who has a 2 yo dd that has some blindness. She can see things if there is contrast. She mentioned that she got these plates from the worker that comes out to help her teach her dd but doesn't know where to buy them. I have tried searching online for the plates and have no idea where to look as I have found nothing. My mother and I would like to purchase some of these plates to keep for when she visits. My ss isn't being very helpful and hasn't asked about where to purchase these plates. From what she has said they are just plates that allow contrast between the plate and food and are divided so that her dd can identify the food.

Any help would be great as I am lost on where to find something.



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Thu, 03-22-2007 - 12:00am
You can get items like that from a variety of web sites -- Independent Living Aids, Maxi Aids, Ann Morris Enterprises. I don't have the direct links, but if you "google" the names, you will find the web sites. They usually have decent prices as well.