Sarahfix, how are you?

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Sarahfix, how are you?
Sat, 03-05-2005 - 8:26pm
I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your amnio went? I know that you won't have any results, but how are you feeling? You asked me previously about doctor appointement, and now the doctors/therapies are pro-active. At first, we had to go to numerous doctors to rule out any medical complications that typically go along with Down's: holes in heart, stomach/intestine difficulties, ears (which we have problems with), genetics (to monitor progress), etc. I chose to enroll Cal in therapy at 11 months just to give him the opportunity to progress at the same rate as typical children. I'm a teacher and I see first hand what happens to children when parents are not involved or do not get their children adequate support. I always said I would give Cal the world, and his world right now requires as much additional support and services to keep him from becoming any further delayed. I really think all these services has helped Cal be as great as he is, he is only 6 months delayed in all areas. He is a smart little cookie, not what the doctors thought. I love when he proves everyone wrong. Giving Cal every opportunity to be successful is what my dh and I decided to do. It's a strain on the numerous doctor/therapy visits and copays, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's only helping him and I can't nag about that. I really hope that everything with you, your dh, and baby are alright. Email me at my home address, if you would like to talk to me further!