Sensory ?s for moms that have been there

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Sensory ?s for moms that have been there
Sun, 05-25-2003 - 3:51pm
Lately I've noticed more and more sensory issues in my little one.He is just about 2.(in a few weeks)I first noticed him pulling his shirts away from his neck every once in awhile.When he was a real young baby he would fall asleep every time rubbing his blanket against his face lightly.He still does like the blanket by his face when he falls asleep.(this may be a normal thing,or could be part of the other issues-it's his security blanket)It seems like sometimes waistbands bother him.When he is distracted these things don't bother him.He never liked socks and shoes.It use to take 5 or 10 minutes to get shoes on because he would curl his toes.(again that may be a normal thing also)He now tries to put them on by himself all the time.He does get extra happy when I take his shoes and socks off.Especially after I take(or he takes them off)off his socks he starts laughing and gets very happy.He doesn't like things on his hands,but doesn't get overly upset,just looks at them funny and brushes them off.The back of his neck has always been extremely ticklish.I am just realizing that he did some of these things when he was much younger.I just thought he wanted his hands clean because he was a neat little guy!He doesn't mind his teeth or hair being brushed.Infact he has always been great when it comes to that.(except brushing the front top and bottom teeth)He also has always cooperated with taking Tylenol,vitamins,or any medication.I am putting everything together and trying to figure it out.In June he will have a full assessment because of his speech delay.I hate the wait.Anyway,my main question is :HOW DO YOU DRESS A TODDLER WITH SENSORY ISSUES?I have a lot of clothes for him.I went overboard in the past.Now that I realize certain things might bug him what do you do?Everything has tags,collars,waistbands....etc.Any reply would be great!Thanks
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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 11:57am
Cut the tags out of everything that touches his skin. You may even have to open up the seams and remove them that way.

Wear underwear and socks inside out.

Have all tops soft, large and loose, be aware of large necklines and armholes. Don't get anything that has a band or ribbing on the sleeves or waist, shop at a 2nd hand store to get soft and worn cotton. If it shrinks, it won't fit the same next time and may cause problems.

Overalls might be good or the shoulder straps may bother him.

For pants and shorts, try and get loose waists on them maybe with light elastic and a drawstring, usually velour or a soft stretchy material works best. Jeans, cords, and non stretchy cotton have constricting waistbands and are usually not liked. If you find something he really likes, buy one of each color if you can. Also as he is young and still growing you might want to look at getting the next size up as well. If you can find pants or shorts that are lined with the seams all on the inside that tends to work very well.

Polyester and nylon also works very well sometimes. Soft and/or slippery materials were always(and still are) the best for us.

Shoes or slippers are not required in the house, so don't worry about it. If you find a pair of shoes that seem to fit better than the rest (ie he's not bothered too much by them), again buy a 2nd pair in the next size up.

Don't worry about variety, if he wears the same thing each day but is happy, who cares.

There are some other things to try, like brushing (can find info from an OT or by searching for SI/brushing on the net), preasure on the joints etc.., I just tried to help from the clothing point of view.

HTH, from a BTDT Mom


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Mon, 05-26-2003 - 4:33pm
Wow!Thanks for the information.That is very helpful.
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Wed, 06-04-2003 - 1:25pm
Dear Skyeangel2003,

I think the best thing might be to find the simplest clothes you can and take out the tags and anything you think might bother him. My grandaughter was like that and even now at age 6 we just let her run around in her undies when she's at home, and even those we sometimes have a hard time keeping them on. But we have had to make her see that she at least had to keep her undies on cause she is getting too old to wear nothing, which is what she would prefer. I wish you luck, I know it's not easy dealing with a child who has problems. If you want to chat, feel free to write anytime. Iseirra
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Thu, 06-05-2003 - 2:09am
Thanks for the replies.I started cutting tags out.He HATES them in his shirts.He tries to pull his pants off all the time,so usually I let him run around in his diaper.His diaper has been bugging him lately.He pulled it off,so I just let him run around free for a while.He accidentally peed on the carpet for the first time and got a little upset.He didn't really cry,but kind of started to.It was cute.He wanted to be comfortable.I have been on a mission to find flat like,non elastic waistbands on pants,but it is impossible because it seems as though 99% of toddler pants are elastic.Even sweat pants,and jogging type pants.I thought sweats might be more comfortable,but sometimes they have even thicker,tighter elastic sometimes.It's hard to find just drawstring pants.I have looked on E Bay,and used children's clothes shops.I'll keep looking!This is all new and he is almost 2!I never had to watch what clothes to buy before,although I have always had him in mind for comfort while shopping for him.I hope to let everyone knows how his speech(and whatever else he is tested for)evaluation goes on June 26.
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Thu, 06-05-2003 - 2:37pm

I am new in ivillage and I was browsing through the site and came across your story about ur daughter who is 10 now went through the same problem u r having with ur son...she still can't stand the seams in socks but she's getting better with dealing with it. When she was a baby she couldn't stand anything that trapped her feet or hands she even disliked having a blanket put on her at night and still at the age of 10 I find myself putting her blanket back on her at night where she throws it down on the floor...she hated the fact that something was on her hands. Tags in shirts are still a problem with her but I find that by opening the seam and taking the tag off and resewing the area I don't have much trouble with her wearing them but as for clothing with waist bands until age 4 I had to put her in what is called Bubble pants (better known as bib over alls) my younger son didn't like waist bands either but after the age of 3 or 4 he out grew that stage and won't wear nothing but Jeans to this day. As for shoes, might be because we lived in the south but even I hate shoes and socks and as a kid I barely wore them only in cold weather..:-)I hardly wear them, my daughter is the same way. I think it is a stage children go through. Hope I helped a little bit

take care and god bless u
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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 9:39pm
I thought this rang a bell, so I went back to the book I'm reading called Ritalin Free Kids. It should really be called the Book about Homeopathy. It's fascinating reading.

Anyway, I read a case writeup about a boy who needed all the tags cut off his clothes. He was treated homeopathically with Belladonna, and it really helped him. Not saying that Belladonna would be the right thing for your child, but it may be worthwhile running it by a homeopath.

They said Belladonna was good for high fevers, hypersensitivity to noise touch and heat, desire to escape, shrieking, tantrums, fear of water dark and storms.

This particular child used to have tantrums; needed tags cut off all clothes; barked like a dog; growled; wet the bed; had red cheeks; and slept poorly.

Anyway, this is a really interesting book, to see the child's behavior, and then see what the naturapathic physicians prescribe in the way of homeopathy. Their website is