Sorry I haven't been around much..(m)

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Sorry I haven't been around much..(m)
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 8:43pm
There is been so much going on around here lately it's not funny.Me and Jon had our hearing tests this morning.Jon screamed,cried,throwed the awfulest fit you have ever seen.Needless to say they didn't get a good hearing test from him.UGH.So now I will have to go through this again.UGH.What little they did do they said he might have some hearing loss in one ear but not really for sure on that.They did my hearing test.And I have hearing loss in both ears.More with my left than I do with my right.Which that I already knew.He said that I need to come back in 6 months.I need to come back sooner if I have more muffled hearing or seem to have lost more hearing.I also cannot be around loud noises.Like lawn mowers,loud tv's and stereos,loud cars any loud noise.If I am around them I have to wear ear plugs.He showed me on the chart how bad my hearing was.I had two lines below the normal range for my left ear and 1 line below the normal range for my right ear.He said right now I wouldn't need a hearing aid but later on that might change.It's scary to think that I am losing my hearing and I am not too old ,LOL.I am only 27 just turned 27 in November.

We got Erika's copy of her shot record and her certified copy of her birth certificate today.She has kindergarten registration tomorrow at 10am.I will let you know how that goes.They will check her hearing and vision tomorrow too.

This weekend is mine and hubby's 7th wedding anniversary.We are going to go out and do something together.My mom already said that she would keep the kids for us.I think we will probably go out to eat and go to a movie.

Me and hubby has been into it so much the past few weeks.We have finally talked about it again and he seems to understand on how I feel about things.I am not sleeping good since everything has got so hettic(sp?)around here.I have only been sleeping 4 hours a night anymore.I still haven't got my referral yet to see a heart DR,UGH.I am getting fed up with my DR's office.We still haven't found or looked for a house to buy yet either.Maybe we can start on that soon too.And in June on the 9th Jon goes back to the Child Development Center for more testing and see if his diagnosis(Mental Retardation)has got any better or worse and see if anything else is going on with him.So see what I mean about being so busy and stuff around here?LOL.

Just thought I would let you know what was going on and will check in more often.