Tell us your biggest pet peeves?

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Tell us your biggest pet peeves?
Wed, 09-16-2009 - 2:20pm

What BUGS you the most?!!.......

Whinny kids?

Messy bedrooms?

Dirty dishes on the counter?

Always being the one to put gas in the car?

Always having to re-teach a subject to your child that the teacher should have done?


I'd love to hear about it, and maybe add it to my list!!

Maria :)                

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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 3:56pm

My husband is very good with helping around the house. It's sort of a trade off since I deal with the homework which is full of tears and yelling, etc. ;) However, it bugs me beyond anything when he takes the towels out of the bathroom to wash and doesn't put a clean one in there. And I always seem to be the one who washes her hands right after it happens... and then has to go hunting for a towel with wet hands. ;)

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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 5:38pm

Here's one of my pet peeves, both as a parent and as a teacher: Teachers who do not follow IEPs or stay in touch with parents about a child's progress. It's ridiculous. I emailed all of my oldest daughter's teachers at the beginning of the school year to find out how she was doing in her classes as we have a history of her lying about homework and not turning it in. All but two teachers got back in touch with us; one I was able to speak with in person, the other completely ignored our email and doesn't seem interested in following the accommodations in her IEP. Granted, her IEP is up for review because this is her first year in this school and her IEP is from out of state, but it clearly outlines accommodations she's to have when testing. As my niece said the other day, if teachers aren't willing to comply with the law, then why do we have IDEA in the first place?

I teach an ESOL support class and I know that I'll have teachers who will not bother to follow the recommended accommodations for my students. I just don't understand where they get the idea they don't have to follow a student's plan. Federal law mandates that these must be followed. And we wonder why some children grow up to be as they are...

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