Thanks for the reply, Julie

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Thanks for the reply, Julie
Thu, 05-01-2003 - 10:36am

I am enjoying the board and am slowing figuring it out. I have only owned a computer for a year and don't have any other way to learn about how it works except by trial and error! Thanks for the message. Yesterday my husband and I took Jenna for her third round of Botox injections in her hamstrings. She was born at 25 weeks and has CP. The first two times is didn't work so this time the Dr. used a needle hooked to a EMG machine that tells him exactly where in the muscle to make the injection. He also used a much larger dose. My poor baby had to be on her tummy which she hates, and be held down for them to poke around to find the right spot to put 5 injections down the back of each thigh. She was a trooper and recovered pretty well. We are also starting the scopolomine patch today that is supposed to help decrease the amount of saliva and dooling. She produces so much and doesn't swallow it just pushes it out. Our aim is to be able to put food in her mouth without it already being full of saliva. She just pushes the food and saliva out and doesn't swallow. I hope maybe some day we will get her to eat something. I just feel I have to turn every stone to see if something might help. It is not looking to promising, though. Of course there is always the ever present side effect probem. Hope none of those show up.

Other than the appointment being a drag, we had a nice day. We went to eat at a Chinese restruant, my favorite. It is so much easier to take Jenna when my husband is along. We don't have ramp for our van yet but he can lift Jenna in her chair up in the van. I have to take her out, lay her on the floor , then lift in the chair and put her back in strap her in the strap the chair in. HUFF PUFF! It was a nice evening when we got home too. He put hotdogs on the grill while the boys and I played catch with the ball and gloves. Jenna watched it all from her chair. The weather was beautiful. Jenna can't take any heat, bugs or wind and those days are few in South Dakota!

Well thanks for listening. Hope you and your family are well and have a nice day. Netti
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Thu, 05-01-2003 - 11:04am
Oh, there's not much worse than holding a baby down for an EMG!!! I had to do that when Joel was 6 wks old, and it was horrible for both of us.

Glad you're enjoying the board...please stick around! I try to make it on here daily, even when it's really slow, so if you post I'll see it.