Update about the kids...(m)

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Update about the kids...(m)
Wed, 04-09-2003 - 8:59pm
We took the kids to the Dr today.They have bad colds.The Dr wrote them a prescripition for cold medicine,hubby will get it filled tomorrow.He didn't get a chance to today because the time we got home from the DR's he had to go to work.

Sorry I didn't post any today.I have been down and out.I cried earlier.The reason why I cried was because remember that I went to the Dr last week and they did that blood work on me?They said they would call if anything showed up.Which they didn't call so I decided to call and see for sure.Sure enough 2 tests came back that showed something but the secretary wouldn't give the results out over the phone.And my DR is out of town on vacation this week and won't be back until Monday.So I get to worry about this all week and weekend.The secretary did ask me if I was taking cholesetrol(sp?) medicine?I told her no.So I guess that was a hint huh?I wonder what the other thing was that was bad.The secretary said she would pull my chart and have the Dr call me Monday morning or I could call her.I will probably call her.I guess I will have to see my DR again next week.I got a list of heart Dr's today from DH's insurance so I will call some of them tomorrow to see when I can get in.I will let you all know about that too.So

We are going to look at a house to buy this weekend.A guy that DH works with is selling his to build himself a new house by his dad.The house is 2 or 3 counties from here.So I guess we will start house hunting this weekend for sure.We filled out a aplication online last week for a house loan.And a loan officer called us today and sent us another in depth application for a 100% house financing loan.So we will fill that out and go from there.Wish us luck.I am excited about the house hunting.I hope we get the loan.

Just thought I would let you all know what was going on.

And I am also a new CL on the At Home Moms board at ivillage.I got to be that today on there.They haven't added me to the board yet as one but they said they would soon.So maybe you all could come on there sometime and say Hi.I would love to have you all on there too.