Update about me..(m)

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Update about me..(m)
Tue, 04-29-2003 - 8:17pm

Sorry that I haven't been around much the past few days.Me and hubby had a good anniversary Saturday.We went out to eat at Long John Silver's and we went to Big Lots and went shopping and then we went all over town looking for a movie that I wanted to rent(Waking Up In Reno,anyone see it yet?)but could't find it,it was suppose to come out April 8.Then we picked the kids up and I got to see my 6 month old niece.She is getting to be so big.That's the first time I have seen her in a couple of months.My mom gave the kids a haircut for me.She did a good job on it,she usually cuts their hair for me cause I am afraid that I will mess it up.I have thought about getting my hair cut shorter,but not for sure on that yet.I cleaned my house up the other night and it caused my heart to bother me really bad plus the kids got up early and kept me awake,I only got 2 hours sleep.My cholesstral is low and my blood pressure is always normal the my DR said.So I know it had to be the heart problem I have that is bothering me.I called and left a message at the DR's office today to get a referral and never heard anything.UGH.Maybe hubby can call himself tomorrow for me.Did anyone feel the earthquake this morning?Scary huh?I slept through it.Hubby was awake though and didn't say anything about it.My mom said that it woke her and dad up this morning the whole house and everything shook.