Walk for life

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Walk for life
Wed, 09-06-2006 - 11:42pm
I know I don't post as much on here as I do my Spring Bean board but....
Faith is going to do the walk for life. She's my 17 month old DD. I've posted several times on here about her but here's her website (though not updated recently) with her story. If anyone is interested in sponsering her we would appreciate it so much. As a mom with a special needs child I think it's a great cause. I'll be pushing her for the 2 mile walk on September 23rd. Please e-mail me if you would like to contribute to this event. If you're not able I completely understand but at least keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we strive for our $1,000 dollar goal!!! here's her website as well as a link with recent photos! Thank you for thoughts and prayers in advance!!
Luanne and Faith!