A week into school and my kids are sick!

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A week into school and my kids are sick!
Tue, 08-18-2009 - 8:15pm

My kids have been in school for 6 days, and this morning I had both at the peds getting flu swabs, and when that came back neg, they swabbed for Step throat, which was possitive!

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Tue, 09-08-2009 - 5:56pm
I feel your pain. My oldest step-daughter was sick three days before school started. Luckily she was over it by the time they started back only to have the youngest have to go home sick on the third day of school. I've also had several kids already out of school with various illnesses. They distributed two bottles of hand sanitizer to every teacher, installed hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the school and are supposedly getting can of sanitizing spray for every classroom. It's going to be a crazy year.

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