Well we went to the Neuro and

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Well we went to the Neuro and
Mon, 09-18-2006 - 6:34pm
Was told that David is on the autistic spectrim.He is in-between aspergers and pddnos(persuasive developmental disorder non other wise specified).So that confirms what I have thought for a long time.I have though he was on the autistic spectrum since he was 4.He has had a lot of red flags like not being very social and relating to kids his own age he is 8.Likes to manly play with older kids particularly girls because they are more patient with him.He is very one sided wants to do what he wants to
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Mon, 09-18-2006 - 7:36pm

Thanks for sharing.

Maria :)                

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Wed, 09-20-2006 - 2:26am
Well, I'm glad that you were finally able to get to the bottom of things. Now, you know what you are working with. That does help. I hope the other testing isn't far behind.


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Sat, 09-30-2006 - 11:15pm

Dawn!!! I've been totally MIA, so I had no idea you were having him tested. I'm sending lots of (((HUGS))) your way.

You'll have to keep us updated when you can and I promise to be around more!