What a day - LONG

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What a day - LONG
Mon, 05-01-2006 - 10:07pm

This is gonna get long, might want to grab a coffee before you start reading, maybe a snack too, LOL
I work with an organization that is sponsoring a walk a thon, and we have to go out and get donations for prizes and get sponsors as well. The walk is on May 20, I've repeatedly told them I'd be happy to make calls or go around getting donations if they need help. Been saying this since June of last year. So, everything is ready to go today. Huh? We're just getting started? We should be finishing up by now!
So the girls are being horribly uncooperative, especially Ruby, she's running all over the house, screaming and yelling, not getting ready. Of course she missed her bus and I yelled at her, I'm not taking her to school because it's her own fault for not getting ready, she doesn't have any priveleges this morning and that means no PBSKids (gasp!)she's lucky I don't make her miss breakfast since she eats at school. She got real upset and ran to her room because she hates me - again. I felt bad for going overboard and decided to take her in. Got to her classroom and THEN I realized there was no school today! Boy was Ruby mad at me, but I guess I had it coming, LOL.
My friend showed up so we could get donations - 3 hrs late and no, not everything is ready to go. She sat in the car while I went soliciting, I wasn't filling the forms out right, should have said this, etc etc. She was trying to be helpful, but came across as demanding. It was lunchtime when we started, so we couldn't ask any restaurants. Finally we stopped for lunch (after getting 5 places in 90 minutes) and I said "After lunch I'll sit in the car with Ruby and you can go in and talk to ppl" She agreed, but ruby needed to go potty and wouldn't go at McD's because it stank so bad. I decided I'd had enough, asked her to take us to the grocery store for the potty and shopping and then home. Ruby was wild in the store as usual. I took a bunch of donation forms from her and I'm sending them out tomorrow. NOt to toot my own horn, but I could have had the whole shopping center done in less than 2 hrs! DH is upset as well, said we'll make our own copies of the papers and get them passed out ASAP! Really, it's not difficult, just leave one at every store or restaurant each member goes to, we could have been done months ago!! Then I find out only 3 families have been given pledge forms. WHAT??? They just haven't gotten around to it, despite tons of ppl volunteering to help get that taken care of.
ARRGH! I've just about had it with this organization, I can only handle so much, KWIM.

On a good note, we ate chicken tacos for dinner and that was yummy!

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Mon, 05-01-2006 - 10:27pm
Wow what a rough day. Hugs to you. It's tough when you have been asking
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Tue, 05-02-2006 - 7:22am

AW HON! Hugs coming your way! Sorry it was such a tough day...hope today is 200% better. Take care and hopefully, we'll see you at chat tonight.

(running late this morning and I've got to get ready for work)

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