What a week!!

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What a week!!
Mon, 05-22-2006 - 10:41pm

But hey, it's been mostly good :)

Last Thursday, Sammy was in her first special olympics and got second place ribbons in all 3 events. She had a blast, and can't wait for next year - they did a grand march, had the DARE car, train rides, and even lunch!!
I got sick on Friday, so nothing much to say there, except I put a deposit down on an apt, hopefully we get it.
Saturday, DH and the kids went and did the Miles For Mental Health walk and they were even on the news. Just DH and Sammy, Ruby didn't want to walk (wich is unusual) and I stayed home sick.
The biggest news is my family is turning into a normal family, not the undiginified ogres we usually are, LOL. DH decided he's doing too much yelling and getting angry, he's much more calm with the girls, even when punishing them, which makes him more consistent (the girls aren't happy about that, LOL)and the girls are even following the rules more. I think it's because I insisted we pretend we're already in our new apt and practice the "new" rules - be a good neighbor in the hallway, stay quiet and no stomping in the apt, etc. They don't realize it's the same rules we've always had, now they're going to be followed and enforced.
And tomorrow the girls are cleaning the living room after school and DH is teaching them to clean the bathroom while I go out tomorrow night. He insisted I go out when he gets home - isn't he the best?
Hopefully, the rest of the week goes as well.

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Tue, 05-23-2006 - 4:39pm
Oh wow what a week. I am glad to hear that it went really well. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. I really hope you are able to get that new apartment. Really cool that they made the news for the miles for
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Tue, 05-23-2006 - 6:26pm

{making you some tea :)