Where is everybody?

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Where is everybody?
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 10:46am
I hope everyone is O.K. We have been fine. We went to my parents cabin in Minnesota for memorial day weekend. My brothers headstone came in time for Memorial Day. It was sooo weird to see it and to see his name and his wifes name in print on it.(She is o.k. they just made the stone for when her day comes she will be brurried beside him) I cried and cried it is still so unreal and I miss him so much. I felt bad because my 8 year old cried for 30 min. in the van after we stopped there. I'm sure my crying didn't help any, but I just was overwhelmed with grief.

We did have a good weekend. My other brother took the boys fishing twice and we had a camp fire to fry the fish. Jenna was so good. I can't believe how much better she rides in her wheelchair as compared with the car seat. I am so thankful we have the chair and she likes it so much--I dreaded getting it. I mean what is so great about getting your child a wheel chair? But it proved to be a good thing for Jenna.

I had a really rotten evening. They had the Special Olympics on the news and I realized that my child was too handicapped to be in the games. She is only 3, but probably will never be able to be in them. I don't mean because of her being in a wheelchair, but because I don't think cognitively she will ever know what to do. Also, my gal that comes on Wednesdays to care for Jenna so I can get out isn't comming anymore. I am just sick. She was my only help. She worked 4 days aweek at a clinic and now they want her the 5th day so she won't have time for Jenna. She was so good too. I guess I just have to have faith that something else will come up. We live so far from a shopping town, 80 miles, and it is hard on Jenna to take her. We don't have a lift in the van and then it is the tube feedings and the reflux when fed and she needs her nap. Also, with therapy 6 times a week time is a factor too.

Sorry this got so long!!! I didn't mean to! LOL Have a good day, Netti