Yikes!! How long has it been?

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Yikes!! How long has it been?
Thu, 08-03-2006 - 11:54pm
Since I have posted over here?
We finally got the old dump cleaned (the old apt) and are getting settled into our new ones. Waiting for DH to get the nut to fix the table so I can set up my sewing machine and make curtains for the bedrooms.
Ruby learned to tie her shoes, then suddenly can't do it anymore.
Sammy is done with Swim lessons and Ruby is done with speech class for the summer, so my days go alot better now, LOL.
Oh, we might be buying a van soon, we will have to see.
And it's been HOT this summer, I just can't stand it :(
I'll have to remember to get over here more often, I miss you guys :)

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Fri, 08-04-2006 - 9:46am

Hey there Cristen and thanks for the update.You have been missed.I was wondering how you where doing? How are you liking the new apartment?

Well for us Devin just got his new cast on yesterday.Yeah he can shower and take a bath and get his cast wet!Can you tell that makes life much easier now?He now has a bright red cast.That will make it easy to find him when we go to 6 flags this Sunday.

Oh and I am so excited even if I don't get the posistion.I was called the other day and asked to sub for the first 6 weeks of school.The teacher asked for me personaly.She is still going to be on maternity leave when school starts back up.I am not a degreed teacher though but was so excited that she asked for me!She teaches a class called learner support so not a typical class.I get along great with her students and worked with her some this past school year.She is a great teacher to work with and I look forward to working with her again this school year.

This school year will be the first year that I will work as a sub all year.I didn't start subbing last school year till the end of Oct.I went to the class in Sept that year.So this is going to be an exciting year I can tell.

Oh and school starts back up Aug. 21st.If I do get this job though it will be the first time I won't be taking the kids to school on there first day. So I am

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