Any on with kids with Cochlear Implants

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Any on with kids with Cochlear Implants
Wed, 08-08-2007 - 9:08pm
Does anyone have any children with Cochlear implants. My son is 5 and has one looking for more info on growing up with one. Ant problems at school?
Rebecca in CT
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Wed, 08-08-2007 - 11:36pm

Hi Rebecca,
I don't usually frequent this board but every now and again I stop by to see what's up. Your post caught my attention. Our 6 year old son was implanted in 2004. He is severly delayed across the board, so our situation may be a bit different than yours. The CI has opened up his world in so many ways. He is much more happy and content, much more alert and aware of his surroundings. It was quite an adjustment at first but now we would never be without it. The CI is like his dearest friend.

He is just entering into kindergarten but he was in Early Childhood the last two years. We have had no problems at school but keep in mind that he is in classrooms where all the kids are delayed. This will be his first year being integrated into the regular class. I'm a bit nervous but trust that it will be good.

I'm happy to answer any CI questions you have about the CI. You can email me off board if you'd like.