CAP disorder - overview..........m

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CAP disorder - overview..........m
Fri, 08-18-2006 - 8:26am

Nice and concise!

Maria :)                

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Fri, 08-18-2006 - 9:55am

OMG thank you so much.

BTW, that article is my oldest daughter to a T. We thought CAPD when she was a preschooler but as she got older her ASD was more pronounced. I have been told (by the school) that her processing problems aren't auditory in nature but rather because of her autism spectrum disorder she has a hard time with abstract things so it affects comprehension. I was also told that the other symptoms are from sensory issues or executive function problems.

Here's one for ya. In our district they screen kids for APD using 4 tests given by the school psychologist and speech pathologist. (Which Cait did well on which is why I was told she didn't have APD issues). I would have to look up which ones they are again. They have both had them and hers were along time ago.

You will LOVE this. Cait is in a special program for Aspergers kids. She is mainstreamed for academics but the AS kids have a home base where they take 2 classes per day to help with study skills and social skills. They have stuck this AS class in the "Green Room". Basically a dressing room wedged between the auditorium/gym and band room. Cait gave her teacher the hardest time about working in there last year. I said it was the noise. They tell me she got used to it and they were putting up sound doors to help.

Reminds me I am supposed to be writing a letter to the school board about that.

They will both be getting tested again.


ps. Finished the whole article and I am already doing everything they have recomended and have gotten the school to do the same. I am working on the classroom situation and currently she has headphones to use when working there. Is there anything else I should do? Anything else that can be done?

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