Fluctuations in hearing?

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Fluctuations in hearing?
Sat, 08-04-2007 - 1:19pm

My son Mitchell is 15 months old and has severe, bilateral hearing loss. He has been wearing hearing aids for 5 months. He has done really well with the heaing aids, better than we expected. In the last month or so, his responses to sounds seem really inconsistent. He has heard us call his name from about 20 feet away without his aids in. Then, other days, he seems to not hear me shouting even with his aids in. My first response is always to panic and assume that he's lost more hearing. However, he is being tested about once a month and the results from the soundbooth testing are staying consistent. We have been battling constant ear infections (he has tubes and had his adenoids removed) for months so I guess some of the inconsistencies could be due to fluid in his ears. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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Thu, 08-09-2007 - 4:44pm

HI AND WELCOME JENNIFER. I think this fluctuation "you" feel is happening may be due to fluid. Sensory neural (SN) losses don't fluctuate unless the patient is suffering from either Menieres Disease (which is not what your son has!) or Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome When you have his hearing checked do they do impedance testing? This would gtell you if there was fluid present!
Keep us posted, and welcome again!

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Thu, 08-09-2007 - 5:10pm
Hi there your little story caught my eye..I have identical twin boys and one of them we found out about 1 year ago that he was profoundly deaf. Well my husband and I refused to believe that due to the fact that Keegan every once in awhile seem to hear us call his name...we tried the hearing aids and seemed to stay the same. Keegan seemed to stay the same in the sound booths too...but i swear my son can hear ...somedays it seems more than others.....well we got intouch with a dr by the name of Dr.Charles Berlin in Florida...well we found out about 6 months ago that my son has Auditory Neuropathy...which is someday Keegan hears better than other and we implanted Keegans left ear with a Cochlear implant and is DOING GREAT...he is still signing alot but has a lot of verbal language....I would love to talk to you more about your child and give you more info about my son as well ....please feel free to contact me at anytime.,... Good luck....
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