Funding for hearing aids.....

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Funding for hearing aids.....
Sat, 10-29-2011 - 10:17am
Hearing Help for Children: Variety the Children's Charity

Monday, October 17th 2011

Variety the Children’s Charity is a worldwide philanthropic organization that serves children with disabilities. Variety operates charitable organizations in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, France, and several other countries worldwide. The Charity’s main headquarters resides in Los Angeles, California, with 43 additional chapters (referred to as“tents”) assisting needy individuals throughout the United States.

The organization began in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1928, when a baby named Catherine was found in a seat at the Sheridan Square Theatre. When search efforts to find baby Catherine’s parents failed, a group of men affiliated with the entertainment industry in the area decided to financially support the baby and her future education. The name of this group was the “Variety Club, and the baby’s adoption set into motion the beginnings of Variety’s charitable work in the Pittsburgh area. Variety grew from an 11-man entertainment-industry social club to the encompassing and broad charity organization that it is today. Variety- The Children’s Charity currently operates in 13 countries and has raised funds exceeding $1.7 billion for children with special needs around the world.

Each “tent,” or chapter of Variety the Children’s Charity works with local organizations to provide struggling children and their families with the help they need. Each local tent has its own particular programs and areas of focus. In some cases, hearing impaired and deaf children are able to receive funding assistance from Variety The Children’s Charity for assisted listening technology, such as hearing aids.


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