HL linked to other health concerns!.......m

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HL linked to other health concerns!.......m
Tue, 10-19-2010 - 9:16am
Reasons For Hearing Loss: Chronic Kidney Disease
Tuesday, October 12th 2010
How much do you know about the reasons for hearing loss? Or, more specifically, are you well informed about the links between hearing loss and a number of diseases and medical conditions?

Fact is hearing loss is not a self-contained impairment limited just to your ears. Many different studies conducted here and abroad have demonstrated that quite a few serious ailments can impact our hearing. It just goes to show that all the bodily organs and functions are tightly interconnected: When one system or organ fails, it sends rippling effects through the others. Your hearing is not immune to this insidious process.

Kidney Disease and Hearing Loss

American Journal of Kidney DiseaseThe most recent study, reported this month in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, indicates that older people who suffer from moderate chronic kidney disease (CKD) may require screening and treatment for hearing loss.

Australian researchers examined the medical records of 2,564 people aged 50 and over, 513 of whom had moderate chronic kidney disease. Some 54.4 percent of all the patients with chronic kidney disease


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