How does tympanometry testing help?...

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How does tympanometry testing help?...
Thu, 06-21-2007 - 10:28am
How does tympanometry assist in audiological evaluation?

This question can be summed up in an excerpt from Maico’s Guide to Tympanometry for Hearing Screening:

“A tympanogram provides documented results of middle ear function that can assist with the visual otoscopic examination. An impedance measurement provides a method to diagnose and monitor disorders that could lead to permanent hearing loss.

Uses of tympanometry in the clinic:

  • Objective documentation of reduced eardrum movement (i.e., fluid or wax)

  • Monitor chronic middle ear fluid

  • Monitor PE tube function

  • Confirm tympanic membrane perforation

  • Monitor Eustachian tube function
As a non-invasive test, tympanometry can quickly and easily be performed on patients of any age, from infants to adults. Testing only takes about two minutes. The objectivity of tympanometry means the results are accurate, based on the calculations- they are not dependant upon a response from the patient. testing is CPT code reimbursable.”

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Maria :)