How does your child receive DHH servi...

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How does your child receive DHH servi...
Thu, 08-24-2006 - 10:29pm

How does your child receive DHH services at school

  • Self-contained class
  • Resource room
  • Itinerant services
  • Consultation
  • Early intervention
  • Services? What services?

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Fri, 08-25-2006 - 11:14pm

Hello All.
I neglected to post a message to explain my little poll.

Recently, I was made aware of a survey for teachers of the deaf/hard-of-hearing being performed by someone in a teacher preparation program. Specifically, the person wanted to know about itinerant teaching. IN years not-so-past, for the most part, children with hearing loss have been served in separate classes in order to focus on communication. More and more, however, kiddos are included or mainstreamed into general education settings and itinerant teachers are providing services several times a week. This is a major shift in thinking in deaf education. Soooo... I got a little curious and wanted to know how the children of parents here were receiving services.

Thanks for your participation and for indulging my ever-present teacher-geek!

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Sat, 08-26-2006 - 1:19am

I would be interested to know as well. I don't have a DHH child but I am finally finishing my special ed credential and as a mom and teacher I have mixed feelings on inclusion.

On the one hand it is great. I want my child included as much as possible. I think all children should have the chance for inclusion. On the other, inclusion has often been a very stressful thing for my kids where they are not well understood and it is a constant fight to have needs met.

My son is one smart ASD kiddo. He went into SDC at the beginning of 3rd grade. We were concerned his skills would fall behind since the only good option was a learning handicapped classroom. On his state testing the first year in the SDC class (with no mainstreaming) he gained 20+ points in each area. I just got a sneak early peek (via proud principal) at his scores from last year (his second year in the class) and it has gone up again. he is a happier, more well adjusted guy than he was too. Now we are starting mainstreaming and again, I have mixed feelings.