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Fri, 05-04-2007 - 5:54pm
Hello I'm a father of a 3 and 1/2 month old daughter who has a mild to mod bilateral sensorneural hearing loss she has had her aids for about two weeks. I'm just glad i found this forum it has been difficult for me as for this is my first child i'm 27 and my fiance is 20. Anyway i'm still tyring to accept it my fiance is still in denile i think. well i try to keep them on while shes awake but my fiance seems to take them off from time to time especially when we're in public i always put them back on but its a stressful situation because i know she needs them then i worry about her development for now she seems to be right on target but its just the worrying that is killing me anyway just needed to vent. i've reading some of the entries posted and i almost cried thats how emotional i've been over this subject and decicded to join and add a post myself
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Hello and welcome to this board. I've been coming to this board and it's hard to believe for almost 6 years!! I have a 9 year old son who has been wearing aids since 3 1/2. I totally understand how overwhelmed you're feeling. It is a lot to absorb.

With your daughter being so young, she should be able to develop her speech and language at a normal rate. My son was aided much later and it took him quite a while to catch up. Fortunately, he now has better speech than some "hearing" children.

You need to encourage you fiance to have your daugther wear her aids. She's at an age where she's taking everything in. Wearing aids is nothing to be ashamed of. Aids are like glasses or braces or wheelchairs for other people. You may even want to encourage your finance to read postings on this board. The aids are for the well-being of your daughter.

I'm glad you found us here and you can find a lot of support through parents on this board. Many of us have different experiences and surely can relate to your situation.

Keep us posted.


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Sat, 05-05-2007 - 5:26pm
Welcome! I agree your fiance should not be taking the aides out. It can do more harm than good. My son has only had his aides for a couple months. He is 4 and has a mild/mod bi/sen loss. I can tell you I am amazed and sad that he has missed out on so much. He could never sing songs and now he sings all the time. He didn't interact with the children at his preschool and now he has little friends. Hearing aides are the best thing that happened to us. I feel guilty that I didn't catch it sooner. Good luck!!
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Sat, 05-05-2007 - 9:21pm
Hello and Welcome
I was very upset with the diagnose of my dd hearing loss so was my dh.
My dd was 4 months old when she got her aids she is now 15 months and she uses many words and signs. She perfers to talk She has a mild to moderate bilateral sensory hearing loss. She now sings simple songs and loves music Her speach is not clear but shes only 15 months old.
We all learned some sign laguage to help ease the frustration of learning to talk and as a back up, my ds uses signs to help clearify what he is saying we did a family sign program and watch signing time videos!!
dd is doing great!!
One piece of advice get a hearing aid clip. ear gear are great they have prevented us from lossing the hearing aids many times!!
I hope things go smoothly for you. I hope I was helpfully and Questions please ask?? This board has been very helpful over the past year!!
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Welcome to the board!

I am a deaf ed/deaf-blind teacher so I am going to launch into a story straight away...

I had a student who was totally blind and had a moderate hearing loss. One parent was in denial about the hearing loss and did not support the use of tactile sign language and/or hearing aids. The other parent was in denial about the blindness and, when picking the student up from school, would fold up the student's cane and quite literally shove it in the backpack. This parent also bought the student a motorized car to drive one Christmas...

Anyway, your fiance is going to have to accept things at her own pace, but you may be able to help her by showing her articles, research, etc on how hearing aids can help your daughter's development. The moms on this board will attest to that. If you are working with an early interventionist who is knowledgeable about hearing loss, please do ask her for some materials to help. Also, organizations such as Hands and Voices or AG Bell may have chapters in your city or state. Being able to talk to actual people might help as well.

Have joy!

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I am in the same situation as you and your fiance are.