A pill to protect your hearing??!!

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A pill to protect your hearing??!!
Fri, 09-21-2007 - 4:23pm
Now Hear This: A Pill Protects Against Hearing Loss

It sounds too good to be true but researchers at the University of Michigan have published a study that clearly shows that common vitamins and the mineral, magnesium, found in many foods and multi-vitamins, may actually protect humans from noise-induced hearing loss.

The study found that when fed the anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C and E and magnesium, guinea pigs exposed to 120 dB of sound pressure suffered little hearing loss. The reasons for this may surprise you.

The human body produces complex, corrosive molecules, called “free radicals” as part of its daily inner workings. Free radicals change cell chemistry and have been associated with Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease and, yes, hearing loss. When we’re exposed to loud noises over prolonged periods of time, the exposure produces free radicals within the ear. These free radicals cause hearing loss by destroying cells that deliver sound to the brain.

Anti-Oxidants to the Rescue

Anti-oxidants are found in some of the foods we eat and they are the first line of defense against free radicals. Vitamins A, C, and E and magnesium are potent anti-oxidants effective in limiting the damage caused by free radicals.

These vitamins are found in many common foods. Vegetables contain vitamins A and C. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C and fish provides Vitamin E. In other words, you don’t have to go on some crazy diet to reap the benefits of anti-oxidants. Just eat healthy foods and more of them.

The Morning-After Hearing Pill

The U-M study also suggests that taking the nutrients used in its study can actually prevent hearing loss after exposure to loud noise. So, a multi-vitamin after last night’s rock concert might prevent any hearing loss the listener could potentially experience.

The applications for a “hearing pill” are widespread and include the military, factory workers, NASCAR drivers, club DJs and others exposed to loud noise as part of their jobs.

See the full article on www.HealthyHearing.com

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