Update on Boy with Cochlear Implant

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Update on Boy with Cochlear Implant
Mon, 01-07-2013 - 4:03pm

The Today Show has un update on a little boy who's video posted on YouTube of the first time he could hear from his choclear implant went viral several years ago:

The video touched millions: An 8-month old boy smiles with unabashed adoration at his mother as he hears her voice, seemingly for the first time, thanks to a new cochlear implant.

Posted on YouTube in April of 2008, the video of "Jonathan's Cochlear Implant Activation" has received more than 3.6 million hits and thousands of comments from viewers, many clamoring for an update.

Five-year-old Jonathan is “doing great,” according to his parents, Brigette and Mark Breaux of Houston, Texas.

You can read the complete update at: http://todayhealth.today.com/_news/2013/01/06/16194591-viral-video-baby-boy-in-cochlear-implant-video-is-5-now-doing-great?lite

How do you feel about his parents documenting his cochlear implant for the world to see?

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Thu, 01-17-2013 - 9:28pm

Yes, I saw the video.  It was amazing.  He was a little confused at first and then noticed his moms lips moving and that's when he realized he was hearing her.

Very important to watch, especially for families still on the fence about getting implants.  They really do work!


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