update on the ped. appt.

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update on the ped. appt.
Thu, 06-28-2007 - 4:23pm

Thank you so much for the advice already given. I thought my appointment was on Friday, but it was this morning. They had a hard time screening his hearing (with a device which they put in his ear and beeped). But when the ped. looked in his ears, he said there seems to be a lot of fluid behind his ear drums. (The ear canals looked good, with no significant wax build-up.) So, he wants to do antibiotics for 10 days (ds has also had a nagging little cough lately, though never complained that his ears hurt), and then re-check after the antibiotics. If the fluid doesn't clear up, he'll send us to the ENT (and I guess I can also schedule an audiology appt) to see what the next steps are.

I'll be sure to post another update after the course of antibiotics. And, thanks again! You've been loads of help!

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Sun, 07-01-2007 - 1:59am
I hope that all goes well!
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Wed, 07-04-2007 - 3:03pm
Sending you good luck vibes. I hope the antibiotics do their job right and that everything works out well! Keep us updated!