What do you think would be the issue?

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What do you think would be the issue?
Sun, 09-02-2012 - 7:59am

My niece have a little boy who is turning 2 old Sept 8th.  She has been concerned for some time about the lack of words.  I never noticed until she pointed it out to me.  I get the impression that she is thinking Autism, but I'm not so sure.  He is very social, and shares more so than my 3 yo DD.  My niece said he is a little terror at times (which I've never witnessed).  He usderstands what is being said to him, and gets his point across, just not using words.  I know there is a wide spectrum of Autism, but I know there are SD & D too.  The dr keeps telling her the he's not talking because he is a second child; and how many of us have been told that before!


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Sun, 09-23-2012 - 10:27pm
She should have him evaluated, just like she feels she should. She should probably also teach a few signs that will help him with expressing himself. My son was starting to have real tantrums at not being understood, a few signs for things he wanted, water, milk, food, more, all those helped him keep the anger away.

The doctor is stupid. (I am being nice.) She needs to demand a referral to get him evaluated. She should also go to the school district and get early childhood specialists to evaluate him there as well. Private will tell her what is going on (give a name) and what to do to help, schools will tell you what should be done to help. Having a name is good so she can research as well to see if it really fits or if there is something better. And school may treat differently depending on the name given.

If the doctor will not give referrals and her insurance will allow her to seek out the help on her own, here is the sequence of testing/specialists that we saw to rule out issues: hearing, ears/nose/throat specialist, speech therapist, developmental specialist. She could put the developmental specialist first to help rule out autism, but the others may be good to do because issues with them can go along with autism too.