Adelaide's first big haircut

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Adelaide's first big haircut
Mon, 11-22-2010 - 2:30pm

I have trimmed her bangs before but this was hard and I don't know that I like it. I felt like it was inevitable it was going to have to be cut sometime. she had a patch about the size of my palm on the very top of her head that was still very long and the rest of it is a little less than my pinky length. like a rebellious teen who was letting their mohawk grow back in! It was a pain for her to have the knots combed out several times a day. And I think that is why some ppl thought her hair was thin. Also the curls in the back are so cute it seemed unfair to not see them. I put it in pony or ppig tails but that hurts after a while and I felt guilty for hurting her all the time. She has so many cowlicks I can't make a style out of it I just put it in a pony tail then cut it off. I trimmed it up as best I could but I don't think I like it. It makes her look so different to me. I know this is probably the best, it can grow out evenly now.

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Mon, 11-22-2010 - 4:28pm cute!

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Tue, 11-23-2010 - 12:06pm
I think you did the right thing! She looks super cute! I actually let my mom buzz Killian's hair with her new set of clippers! My dad almost had a heart attack because he doesn't look like a baby anymore at all! Baby hair can be so fine and thin, and it really bugged me that Killian had such wispy long hair! I think she looks adorable (she also looks alot like my sister when she was a baby, I was amazed at the similarity!!)
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Wed, 11-24-2010 - 9:18pm

I think it looks cute and sassy (in a good way)!

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Sun, 11-28-2010 - 7:33am

I think she looks adorable.

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