Happy Birthday Tim (Becca's ds)

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Happy Birthday Tim (Becca's ds)
Mon, 10-29-2012 - 12:41pm

Time sure is flying by!  Happy 5th Birthday Tim!  I hope you have a fun day and a very blessed year ahead!!

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Mon, 10-29-2012 - 10:48pm

I thought I replied earlier. Oopsie!

Tim had a great day. Storytime at the beginning of the school day (with some of the parents there to read, including me) and later it was birthday book time, where all the kids draw a picture for the birthday kid (done on Fridays if it's a weekend birthday) and everything stapled into a book to take home. (Tim had a picture to draw during that time as well.) Apparently there's also a birthday stool to sit on. :)

When he got home, there was snacktime and I assembled a Lego helicopter he received at his party yesterday. (Second kit I put together and both times I was tired from all that brainwork. LOL) Then we met Hubby at work to go out for supper at A&W. At home again, he opened the presents from us, watched the new Mythbusters episode and had cake. He also got phone calls from family.

As I mentioned on my blog, it's hard to believe five years have gone by already!

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Tue, 10-30-2012 - 10:03pm
Happy Happy 5th Birthday Tim!!! (sorry that it's late and not shiny :( ) Sounds like a pretty great day and I'm with you in finding it hard to believe that he's 5 already! Time sure seems to be zipping by lately!