Upcoming Christmas Bible Study...

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Upcoming Christmas Bible Study...
Mon, 11-12-2012 - 9:02am

As some of you know, we have a Good Morning Girls Bible study group on facebook.  We just finished up our Colossions study last week, and are getting ready for our next session.  Starting on November 26th, we will be doing a 4 week Christmas study.  It is titled, Keeping Our Hearts Focused On Jesus.  Here is a link for you to follow to read up on what it is all about.  


Here is a link to take you directly to the Advent announcement video.  


Please send me an instant message if you are interested in joining us for this study.  Do to the fact that personal thoughts and feelings are occasionally shared, I ask that only regular posters join.  It really is a blessing to us all, and helps keep us accountable to reading our Bibles daily.  This is important all year, but even more so during the Christmas season.  Let's remember the reason for the season this year!  Have a blessed day ladies.  :)

*This is not an ivillage endorsed study.  It is just a few of us getting together to read and share God's Word.

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