Dawn, Nicole (beloved) & Erica

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Dawn, Nicole (beloved) & Erica
Thu, 07-31-2008 - 10:32pm
hugs and blessings

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Fri, 08-01-2008 - 12:12am

Hi Nicole and Erica!!!!

siggie for CSP


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Fri, 08-01-2008 - 10:25am


I hope you both are enjoying the summer!

Dawn I will be praying for your family and for Tomas. Are you still planning on homeschooling?

The kids leave for Montana on the 10th..so if you could pray for a hedge of protection for them while they are away. MY exDH did ask that they bring their bibles, and mentioned to Perry that he has been reading his bible on sundays. That is a step, but, I pray for him to get in a church with a good teaching. The last thing "God" told him, was that all religions lead to God...so obviously he's been decieved. I pray that the kids are able to bring a light to his life, and a yearning for the one true God. They will be gone until September 14th

Prayers for me as I seek to balance my life and duties as a wife and mother. (which means cutting WAY back on my computer time.)

Prayers for the babies schedules to even out. I started taking care of a baby full time. She is here from 6:15-5:00pm M-F and is 9 weeks old, but she was almost 4 weeks early so it's been a rough couple of weeks. Not rough as in taking care of the babies, but I just havn't been able to take care of my house like I should. By the time I get a break and get them down for naps, the last thing I want to do is clean the house. I just want to vege...and I just can't.

Prayers for successful conception this week. My last cycle was a normal length, and I've been crampy for the past 3 days (ovulation time) I"m believing that the timing has been right, for a healthy baby boy.

Nicole...how are you feeling? How are your finances doing? I will be praying for these areas for you, but let me know if there is anything else!


Thanks to Terra for my

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Sat, 08-02-2008 - 1:46pm

Hi girls!