July/August G2K Cindy and Cathy

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July/August G2K Cindy and Cathy
Wed, 07-11-2012 - 8:48pm

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 10:07am
Wow, I can't believe your grandmother did that!!! That's crazy! Oh my gosh, I am so sorry for all the drama your family is going through - I will continue praying!

I know what you mean about wishing you could communicate with your little boy. I went through that with Andrew, and he started talking at 2.5, so I'm sure its even worse with JJ being 3. I'll keep praying for that too.

Singning practice last week worked out well - I nursed Leah before I had to leave, and DH fed her solids. DH agreed it would be better if she didn't go with me, and practice went so much better when I didn't have to keep her happy. I found out that I'll probably be singing more frequently coming up, because some of the people that sing on alternating weeks have been picking up more work hours. I also decided to volunteer to help in the nursery on Weds nights, but only if it would work around my singing schedule, because I am not willing to drive out to church 3 times per week with increasing gas prices! We'll see how that works out.

It was pretty hot and humid this weekend. DH mowed the lawn, but he waited as late as possible on Saturday (6:45 pm). Poor Andrew - I'll only let him be outside for an hour at a time when its like this. I have to lure him inside with promises of Veggie Tales or something similar!

If you get this message today, I could use your prayers. Have I mentioned the employee that I will likely fire? We're meeting today and I'm basically going to have to tell him "ship up or shape out". I don't have the words yet.
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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 7:23am

Thanks for the payers with JJ's speech.  I'm usually fine with waiting on God's timing for when he will start speaking.  It just really gets to me when other people tell me he doesn't need therapy, he will start on his own, and that I am rushing him.  Or when other parents give me "the look" in public during one of his melt downs.  I am usually good at ignoring them, but some days that is the last thing I need.

I used to love working in the nursery on Wednesday nights.  When I became pregnant with JJ, I stopped teaching the class.  It was just to much.  Now they have no nursery class on that night.  So I can't take my kids on Wednesday night.  I could start taking them this fall when JJ is in the next age group, but I will be babysitting.  The parents said I can take them too, but I don't know if I want to drag 4 kids to and from church.

I am the same way.  The kids are not allowed outside to play on the hot and humid days.  They don't understand, and they get upset sometimes, but I try to make the inside fun.  We have finger paints and other crafts.  I'll also let them watch movies and have popcorn.

Oh,sorry I didn't get online  yesterday to see this.  I hope your meeting with that employee went ok!  

We went to a water amusement park yesterday.  It was a fun day, but everybody is exhausted today.  Everybody else is still sleeping.  I had to get up because the speech therapist never called to tell me when JJ's has a session.  He usually has one Tuesday mornings,s o I wanted to get up and clean, (house is wrecked from yesterday) just in case she called and asked if she could come over this morning.  I really wish she would get more organized about the appts.  :smileysad:

I am supposed to go to the dentist today.  I just don't know if I am up to it.  My scalp is in bad shape.  I think I have psoriasis or something.  Sorry if I already mentioned that, I can't remember.  I have a sting or bug bite on the lower lid of my eye that is all swollen, sore, and looks horrible.  Plus I have af here kicking my booty and leaving me exhausted.  I may call and cancel and see how soon they could get Julia and I in.  I just don't know yet. 

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Wed, 08-08-2012 - 7:44am
Its funny, we had the exact opposite situation with Andrew's speech. People were always bugging us about why we did NOT take him to speech therapy. Even a month ago, my dad asked DH if Andrew should get speech therapy, and Andrew talks constantly now, and with the exception of a couple letter sounds that he gets wrong (which is perfectly normal at this age), he's talking great. People just want to share their opinions I guess... and it does NOT take a village to raise a child, mom's intuition is always best!

I did the same thing - I used to work the nursery on Weds, but when I was pregnant with Leah, I had to stop, because I was so tired and overwhelmed by the GD. It was kinda crazy - when I was pregnant with Leah, I had a meltdown in front of the pastor, and he suggested I go to every other week. That was probably July of last year. Then in August, they asked me to be totally in charge of the nursery (every week) starting in Sept! Leah was due early Oct, but by then, I knew she'd be induced at the end of Sept. I almost said "are you nuts!" How am I supposed to run the nursery with a newborn that I would be nursing?!

The meeting with the employee was rough. I never actually said that he was in danger of getting fired, because I didn't know if I was allowed to (HR / CYA), but I think he got the point. Its sad because he does honestly try and care, but he just doesn't have the skills. I think he got the picture to start looking for another job.

Did you end up going to the dentist? I hate days like that. I hope you don't have psoriasis - are you going to have that checked out?

Yesterday was a busy day. DH and I went out to lunch, which was nice. I used the time to try to get him to think about work. I am running out of patience with the situation. He only wants to do something that has a purpose, allows him to stay home mostly, and makes money. That sounds like an impossible combination. He recently got training on how to repair pistols, but doesn't want to make business cards or do anything about it.. We've heard how you can make money writing a blog, and DH has some great ideas on what to blog about, but he doesn't want to pursue that. Sometimes I wish he'd just get a job delivering pizzas so I could hire a sitter to help me on the days I'm home. We don't need the money - I got a huge raise this year. But as a man, he wants to be a provider, and he's not wired to be a SAHD. He's a great dad, don't get me wrong. He just doesn't feel fulfilled. Sorry, that got long.

Then after we got home from lunch, DH and his sister went to hang out for a few hours. While they were gone, I got some urgent emails trying to schedule a work call, so I picked a time that I knew DH would be home to watch the kids (7 pm). Wouldn't you know it, when I went to take my work call, DH got a call at the same time, so while I was on the phone, Leah was screaming and Andrew was doing who knows what. I ended up cutting my call short because I had no idea what was going on with my kids. So it ended up being an exhausting day.

Today I have a bunch of meetings at work, then when I get home, DH is going somewhere. So another tiring day ahead. Thursday, Andrew is going to MIL's house for the morning, so that will be somewhat easier for DH and me (only Leah to deal with), though I have to come in for a work meeting. Ugh. Tired of being tired.
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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 8:34am

Why do people always have to have something to say?  That is crazy that you have people telling you Andrew needs speech therapy.  You are right, us moms do know.  I wish I had followed my gut earlier and called sooner, but I let other people influence me.  Lesson learned.  :smileywink:

Yikes to them wanting you to run a nursery with a newborn.  That would be way too much!

We did go to the dentist.  I do plan on talking to my dr about my scalp.  If I am able to control it for now, I would like to wait for my next scheduled appt to talk to her.  I am tired of going to the dr.  I know that sounds silly, but I have had to go a lot lately.  I did determine that I have a sty and not a bug bite.  So now I am watching that.  If that doesn't heal up with home treatment, I will have to cal the dr anyway.  Only time will tell.

I understand your dh wanting to be a provider for his family.  That is how men are wired.  He is going to have a tough time finding an at home job with a purpose.  I looked into home jobs a couple of years ago, and there is not much out there.  That is why I started babysitting.  I charge very little, that way I can be a blessing to other families when they need a sitter.

Oh no to screaming kids during your call!  Why does that always happen?  It happens here as well.

It sounds like a busy week for you.  I hope you are able to find some sort of relax time in there somewhere.  I haven't been doing too much this week simply because I am exhausted.  Between af and all my afflictions, it sucked the energy right out of me.   I hope I get healed up this week.  I am going to my first PTA meeting next week, and am going to meet everybody for the first time.  I would like to be my normal self when I go.

Today I am going to try to catch up on the house work I have neglected this week.  I need to start getting things together for the church garage sale, and make arrangements for transforming my mudroom into a dining room.  I can't wait to do that!  I am going to put our freezer and shelf of extra small appliances in the garage.  Dh doesn't want that stuff out there, but there is no where else to put it.  I am going to take one corner, get some nice cabinets for the appliances, and even put a little rug out there.  I told him it will actually look nice, not just like a bunch of stuff thrown out there.  I know it's not a normal set up, but our house is small and we have to make do with what we have.  :smileyhappy:

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Fri, 08-10-2012 - 10:41am
I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go to the doctor. I think last time we were prayer partners, I was having a dilemma about switching primary care docs. I still haven't done it. A few months ago, I had to see a chiropractor, and I was in there twice a week for 5 weeks straight. And I had just gotten used to life post-pregnancy - at the end of my pregnancy, I was seeing doctors 3 times per week sometimes!

Do you think your sty will go away by itself? Does it impede anything you do (can you see)?

DH used to be a financial counselor, which he could do mostly from home. He'd meet with clients at church, but everything else was home-based. That was great because it has purpose and was at home, but that business died. Yesterday I suggested he become a gun instructor, because he's good at showing people safety and helping them have fun. He thinks there isn't enough of a market... but he at least entertained the idea.

I haven't really gotten any time to relax, but at least now that Leah is crawling, she will play independently for several minutes at a time, so I can sit and catch my breath. This weekend my sister will be in town, so we're all going to my parents' house - not sure if that will be restful or not.

My house is a wreck too! Trying not to think about it, because I don't have the time/energy to deal with it.

I don't think it sounds weird at all for you to put appliances in the garage, especially if you do it nicely with cabinets and a rug. When DH and I still lived in our condo and were renovating our kitchen, our fridge was in the garage. It wasn't weird at all - it actually felt very natural. Then again, our garage in our condo was connected to everyone else's, so not sure what our neighbors thought about that!

have a good weekend!
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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 8:24am

I held hot compresses on my eye several times a day, and it did finally drain.  It was still a little sore yesterday, and today it doesn't hurt at all.  I am so thankful to have that getting better.  The only thing it stopped me from doing was reading.  I was finally able to read before bed again last night.  :smileyhappy:

Awww to Leah crawling.  The kids are growing so quickly.  I remember when I was anxiously waiting for JJ to be able to entertain himself for awhile.  I am big on teaching my kids independent play.  Because I didn't entertain my kids for every waking hour, they can both play in their rooms alone for at least 30 minutes now.  Actually, JJ is starting to transition out of naps.  On non sleep days, he plays quietly in his room for two hours.

I'm glad my little "kitchen in the garage" doesn't sound too strange.  Dh actually wanted me to put the appliances in the attic.  The only problem with that is the access to our attic is a pull down ladder.  I asked him to picture me trying to come down that ladder with the bread maker in my hands.  That is when he agreed to put them in the garage.  But he still complains about it whenever I mention it, lol.

I just ordered myself a Bible in a year Chronological NLT Bible.   I am hoping having it in order, and more story like will help me stick to my reading.  I also have trouble remembering what I read a lot, so hopefully this version will help with that as well.  I would really love to go to a Bible study, but don't have the time IRL.  I suggested an online Bible study on the Christian Bookshelf board.  If they are not interested, I ask the ladies here.  I just thought the book board made more sense.  Especially since they have been attempted here and fizzled out.  :smileysad:

I should get going.  I need to make chocolate peanut butter cheese cake and home made vanilla ice cream for a birthday get together here today.  I also have to make a pasta salad and chocolate chip cookies for the picnic at church tomorrow.  Busy day.

OH!  I forgot to tell you.  I am finally getting Baptized next Sunday!!  I haven't been able to do it for years.  The first two times they did it I was pregnant.  I didn't feel comfortable climbing in and out of the tank with the belly.  After that I would never sign up because if dh got stuck at work I wouldn't have been able to get there.  Plus, I was embarrassed to get my large self on that stage and have wet clothes clinging to me.  I know that shouldn't have worried about that, but sadly, my self esteem was very low back then.  This year I have none of those issues!  I am very excited about it.

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 10:27am
So glad your eye is doing better!

This is probably a better place to suggest an online Bible study. I once went to the Christian bookshelf board looking for recommendations on good nonfiction (spiritual development books, like Max Lucado) and got no response. At least at the time, it seemed like everyone there was only doing fiction, and I need to develop my soul more than have fun.

Mmmm that sounds like yummy baking! Home made ice cream! Is that hard to do?

I did some baking this weekend too - I made cupcakes with homemade frosting. Andrew was playing with a toy cupcake at my parents' house, so DH thought cupcakes would be good for him, and it tricked him into eating his dinner on Sunday, too :-P

I wish my kids would play indepedently more. How do you teach your kids that? Andrew is doing better. I keep most of his toys on the main floor (with kitchen/family room) so I can keep an eye on him when I nurse Leah. I've tried taking some of his toys to his room, but most of them made their way downstairs. It always seemed like he wouldn't play without me around. How do I fix that?

Congrats on getting baptized! How awesome! Does your church only do them on an annual basis or something? We try to do people in bunches, but if no one comes forward to get baptized, we'll do people individually (we aren't going to make people wait). I got baptized with 6-7 ofher people because we all came forward after doing The Purpose Driven Life as a church. So awesome.

As you might have seen on fb, I sprained my ankle Friday night, so its been an interesting weekend. Good thing my sister was in town - she's a physical therapist, and she told me what to do and what not to do. But staying off it meant not much cleaning got done this weekend. Ugh - my house is a disaster.

Hopefully today will be relatively quiet at work so I can keep my foot elevated and maybe even clean my desk a bit. If I can get enough done today, I may take a bit of time off tomorrow (sleep in) because I need a break. DH has a meeting tonight so he'll be gone all evening.
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Tue, 08-14-2012 - 8:38am

I'm surprised you didn't get any response over on Christian Bookshelf.  I am a regular over there now.  Maybe I wasn't when you posted though.  Sorry you didn't get any responses.

I am thinking I would like to get a group together for this site called Good Morning Girls.  I am going to put a post together to see if anybody would want to join me in that.  In a nutshell, it's a group of ladies that email, facebook, texts (whatever we choose,) to say good morning, give encouragement, and share our thoughts on the study.  I would sign our group up, and we get all the needed materials for free online.  Pretty neat. 

My first attempt at homemade ice cream was not successful.  I didn't see the part in the manual about putting the bowl in the freezer for 24 hours.  I am going to try it again this week when I have my extra kids here.  But it is not difficult if you have a maker...and read the instructions.  :smileywink:

I started with the kids very young.  As soon as they were able to sit unassisted, I would put them on the floor with a few toys.  I was within view of course, but I would not get down there and play with them.  At first it was just for a few minutes at a time, but as they aged I made the time frame longer.  I was never one of those moms that thought my job was to amuse my child every waking moment.  We do go on fun trips, I play with them, do crafts, bake, etc...  But I am a firm believe in letting them grow their imaginations through good old fashioned play.  :smileyhappy:

We do it once or twice a year.  There is a sign up sheet.  Whoever signs up, goes up and does it.  I think there were several other names on the sheet with mine.  I have to call or email the church to get some info.  I'm not sure if they expect me there early, and when I will get my white robe. 

So sorry for the sprained ankle.  It is so hard when we get injured and can't do our daily things.  I'm always so shocked to see how much I actually do in a day when I see the result of them not getting done..kwim?

I am supposed to go to my first PTA meeting tonight.  But dh is stuck at work right now, and I don't know if I will be able to find a babysitter.  So I have no clue if it will work out.  I also need to go grocery shopping.  I still have the headache I had last night.  So it could be a tough day.

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Wed, 08-15-2012 - 8:08am
I think I might have been on Christian bookshelf when I was TTC Andrew? I don't know, I really can't remember.

Not sure where we went wrong with Andrew and playing independently. Maybe I felt like I was supposed to sit with him? Or maybe he just gets lonely? I remember trying to leave him alone with toys and it never lasting long. I'm amazed by how long Leah will go - sometimes 20-30 min!

My ankle is doing better, but if I'm on my feet too much (like when I'm home chasing after kids and trying to do basic chores) it hurts.

We don't do white robes with our baptisms. I bet that looks cool though.

Did you end up going to your PTA meeting? How is your headache?

So yesterday DH and I discussed his work situation. I kinda yelled at him because I was frustrated. Maybe that was good, maybe not, but he did do some stuff about it yesterday. He did say that blogging is pretty much not going to happen, mainly because he thinks he doesn't have anything unique to say. But he did pull up a recorded conversation he had with a career coach a couple years ago, and started jotting things down as he thought of them. He did actually say that the two things he is doing right now, caring for the kids and political activism, are things he values and enjoys and is what he needs to be doing right now. So now he needs prayers for contentment - he does need to think about the future, but he can't put pressure on himself, and just needs to be happy with where he is now. Its funny - some of the stuff he complained about sounded like a Hermie book that Andrew just got from the library, so I read it to Dale! The main message: God isn't done with him yet!

Busy day today. Lots of meetings/things - hopefully I won't forget to pump in between! This evening, we are going to attempt to go out to dinner as a family. I want Andrew to get used to eating out (we haven't done that much) and I think Leah is to the point that she can deal with it. She can eat puffs now, so hopefully that will entertain her. We'll got to Red Robin, so hopefully that will be a good atmosphere.
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Thu, 08-16-2012 - 7:52am

I did make it to the PTA meeting.  It was nice meeting the board members, and the rest of the kindergarten moms that are considering joining.  It was a special meeting just for moms of kindergarteners, so it wasn't as intimidating as it would be if it was the entire pta.  I also took another tour of the school, which was very nice.  

My headache came back again last night.  I think it is from stress.  Yesterday was a crazy day because JJ was having the evaluations he needs for the Preschool Service to pay for his speech therapy.  We had 3 people in here yesterday.  The psychologist is going to recommend him for teacher services.  That means that a teacher would go to his preschool for a couple hours to help him learn basic concepts.  He is behind in that area, but it is not a severe delay.  So she said the county may not agree to do it.  We will see.

I will be praying for dh to be content with this phase of his life.  Who knows what God has in store for him next!

We had to stop going out to eat for a while because JJ couldn't handle it.  Now it is a 50/50 chance that he will blow up.  He hates being restrained for long amounts of time.  If we go somewhere early, so there is not a long wait, then he will usually do ok. If not, I prefer to just order in if nobody wants to cook.

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