July/August & September :) G2K Becca and Jennifer

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July/August & September :) G2K Becca and Jennifer
Wed, 07-11-2012 - 8:52pm


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Re: July/August G2K Becca and Jennifer
Fri, 07-27-2012 - 11:08pm

That's great that you figured out that the dairy was causing problems.  Don't beat yourself up about it - it's easy to fall into a routine or a habit, especially with feeding the kids.  At least it is for me.  I had no idea that there is dairy free yogurt and chocolate available.  You might want to post the brands on the Fb page, b/c someone over there was looking for recipes with substitute chocolate.  You'll have to let me know how it tastes.

We've had a pretty good week so far.  I had my OB appt. yesterday and everything is still looking good.  Baby brother weighs a whole pound now.  His movement has really picked up over the last week or two, so that's fun for me.  I am having some really uncomfortable swelling, but it seems localized to my feet, and specifically to the bottom of my feet.  I got out of bed this morning and thought there was something stuck to the bottom of my foot, but there wasn't.  It was just that the ball of my foot was so swollen it hurt as if there were.  That's really weird.  I try to put my feet up as often as possible, but that's not very often when I have a two year old to look after.

Speaking of the two year old, apparently my immense anger with her over the last poop smearing incident didn't scare the behaviour out of her after all.  She did it again yesterday morning.  I am so over this.  I got lazy and put her in a regular set of PJ's instead of a onesie and long pants, so I guess she had easy access.  Since her poop is solid now, she luckily wasn't able to smear it as much as she used to.  I spanked her again for it, but we'll see if that did any good.

And we're on day #4 of her not taking an afternoon nap.  I don't know what's going on with her about that.  She rubs her eyes and starts to get cranky, so I think she still NEEDS a nap, but for some reason she just sits in her bed and plays with her animals instead of sleeping.  Maybe I should take away the animals?  But then at night she has her animals and goes to sleep just fine.  Of course by that time she's exhausted.

Tonight we went to the play area at the mall, and her lack of nap was evident for all to see ;-)  The play area is right in front of one of the major dept. stores, and their security alarm kept going off.  Every time it did, Leslie let out a blood curdling scream and ran to me.  All the parents sitting there said something like , "Wow!" or "Oh, my" and watched her run over to me.  I was half tempted not to claim her it was so embarrasing!  I got tired of that, so we cut our visit short.  I really hope she gets back to her nap habit soon!

A Hillary Duff movie sounds fun, and yes, we do need more clean movies out there!  I have to admit that when I sit down to watch some TV, other than Leslie's shows, I turn to the E! channel.  For some reason I like to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  I realize the whole thing is scripted and fake and they're often not great role models, but there's something about them that draws me in.  I think I like watching where they go on vacation (usually somewhere luxuriously expensive that I could only dream of going), the cars they drive (same), their homes (same), and so on and so forth.

Will you be watching the Olympics?  I may watch a few events, but for the most part I'm not a huge fan.  A couple of weeks ago, the US swim team was here in town for training (why they came to the Univ. of Tennessee to train I don't know), and we saw some of them at a local restaurant one evening.  That was kind of neat.

Not sure what else is on the agenda for the weekend.  I got my hair cut today, so it'll be nice to have it at a length that styles well again.  As a side note, my hair has gotten so dark with this pregnancy.  I believe it got lighter with Leslie.  That's so weird.  Anyway, two of my cats are getting haircuts on Tuesday.  I came home this time to find that the mats in their fur had gotten much worse over the last two weeks, and poor Dunkin has a bald spot on her back.  I wasn't diligent about getting the flea treatment on them this summer, so the poor cat scratches herself bald.  I did buy some medicine this evening, though, so hopefully that and the haircut will bring them some relief.

Ok, I guess that's all for now.  Time to corral the cats for the medicine, which is sometimes a real challenge!  They know when something's up, and they tend to hide.

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 12:38am
I'm still doing research on the lactose-free items available around here. I'm hoping there's a store closer to us that has some kind of yogurt option because I can try making my own from a half-cup of leftover store-bought yogurt (or the starter cultures if I find those). Doesn't look that hard from the recipes I've seen. Just need to pick one and give it a shot. We'll see how that tastes compared to the store stuff. The chocolate wasn't bad and if it's just made from cocoa, I wonder if that's something I can make too!

We ended up eating out twice this weekend, but we did discuss being more prepared and having our meals at home before going out shopping and such. That way it's far easier to monitor the level of dairy in Tim's food (and mine) and keep it as low as we can.

Yikes to the swollen feet! Is there anything the doc can give you? I started wearing compression socks when I was pregnant with Ben - hereditary varicose veins arrived with the first pregnancy - and those help my ankles a lot, though I don't wear them in the summer because of the heat.

I hope Leslie is over the poop obsession soon! Here are a couple links I found that might give some insight:



I didn't read them all the way through, but I'm hoping there are some suggestions you can give a try. (Thank goodness for the Internet!)

I would think if Leslie's just playing with her animals and not tearing up her room, the no-napping isn't a big deal. I can't remember if I mentioned that Ben's inconsistent with his naps, but I know the feeling of being confused whether naps are needed. Some days it frustrates me when he doesn't sleep, but I think I should just try to go with the flow. If he falls asleep in the car on the way back from errands and doesn't continue the nap at home, it's far easier if I try for a later naptime (about a half-hour) and don't worry if he's not actually sleepy enough. Actually, my attitude should be the same if it's a normal day with no car nap. On the days that I want that quiet time so bad and then insist he stays in the room when it's just not going to happen, I make us all unhappy.

I still have to finish watching Love in the Wild. I like some "reality" shows despite the scripting and potential ridiculousness. Don't want you thinking I always watch the most wholesome stuff and will snub others who don't. :smileywink:

Tonight we're watching Back to the Future. Haven't seen these movies for a while. (I'd probably be watching the Olympics if it were just me - I've always been big on them, despite not being athletic, but this year I plan to be outdoors a lot so I'll try to catch highlights online or something to get a little fix. Hubby gets tired of the coverage after a short bit, so I'll avoid torturing him. :smileywink: )

Hope all is well with the kitties. I need to remember to pick up another collar for ours, who lost it somewhere. Even if I find the original one, it'll be nice to have a backup.

I'm tired tonight, so this reply isn't as long as I expected. AF is here and I'm also getting a little bogged down trying to come up with new supper ideas so the meal plan isn't all grilled meat. At least if I have to bake a little, we do have the AC. I'll try to find stovetop meals, though.

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Wed, 08-01-2012 - 1:04am

Interesting links about poop smearing.  One of them suggests finding other sources of tactile stimulation, and I'd thought about getting her some Play dough.  I may try that.  She hasn't done it since last week.

She finally took a nap today after a week of no nap.  I would be ok with her playing quietly in her room if a) she were quiet and b) her behavior at other times indicated that she didn't need the sleep.  But she's not quiet when she's in there at all, and her behavior is awful without a nap.  Today she was like a totally different child after her nap.  Far less whining, far less fit throwing, etc.  I got her up a little earlier than she'd usually wake up, and I was very firm with her that she was disobeying Mommy if she didn't lay down and if she wasn't quiet at nap time.  Earlier in the day she was being blatantly disobedient about something else, so I had to get on the floor and look her in the eye and tell her that she was going to get more spankings if she continued to be disobedient.  Maybe the combination of all of that worked.  Maybe it was a fluke.  I'll take it either way.

Back to the Future was a great movie!  I heard something the other day about one day last week being the date that Marty McFly traveled to in the future.  My, how time flies!  Is that movie like 25 years old?  Goodness...

How is Tim's diet going?  Are you all sticking to the plan fairly well?

I didn't ask about anything to take for the swollen feet.  One of these days I intend to get a mother-to-be massage, and I'm hoping that helps, but I'm not sure when I can schedule that.  It's dependent on having a babysitter, of course.

We may be buying my cousin's car.  I really, really hope so.  I've been driving my Mom's car for months, and I'm sure she'd like to have it back.  We have the "good" car, and then a 1976 Chevy Malibu that belonged to Erik's grandfather.  He keeps it for sentimental reasons, but we also thought it would be sufficient for driving to and from a van pool lot to get to his new job.  It gets 12 mi/gal (horrible), has no A/C (not acceptable in Alabama in the summer time), and it's really not kid-friendly.  It was only after we moved that we found out the van pool was full.  He has found one other person to car pool with, though, so he's been driving our good car while I'm using my Mom's car.  My cousin's car that we may buy is a 2002 four door Honda Civic.  The A/C doesn't work in it either, but we'd get that fixed.  I think it would be a great solution for us - definitely more kid-friendly if we needed to use that car to travel with the kids, we could give my Mom's car back to her, and it would be better for car pooling for Erik.  So I'm convinced we should get it, but Erik's not quite there yet.  I'm hoping to convince him soon.  I don't want to lose out on this opportunity, because I doubt we'd find a less expensive solution to this situation.  I feel like I've told you all of this before.  If I have, please forgive me.  I usually go back over old posts to make sure I don't do that, but I didn't tonight since it's so late.

I got one cat in a carrier for his hair cut, but the other one escaped my grasp and hid the rest of the day.  I picked up the freshly shaven one today, and they said he went crazy on them so they were only able to groom half of him.  Luckily it was the half with all the matted fur.  He's a really sweet and friendly cat, so I'm surprised to hear that he behaved so poorly.  I'm going to try for the one that escaped tomorrow.  Hopefully she'll fall for the canned food trick and stay still long enough for me to grab her and shove her in the carrier.  That sounds so gentle, doesn't it? :smileywink:

Tomorrow we may go listen to my brother play with his band at a local restaurant.  He plays the drums and sings lead on a few songs.  The band is breaking up for a while, so we may not get another chance. 

Other than that, nothing else going on this week.  We'll head back to Alabama on Friday. 


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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 12:55am

I always forget about PlayDough. We have some from a couple Christmases ago! I do have a recipe for making my own, but I haven't remembered to do that yet. I hope Leslie enjoys a little dough playtime and it keeps her away from a yuckier medium.

Whew for the nap! I hope she decides to stick with some daytime sleep. I know what you mean about awful behaviour - I get a lot of that from Tim, but I think he'll be doing better once we get down to the mystery of what's happening with his digestion. More on that after I respond to the rest of your message, or I'll be sidetracked for good. :smileywink: As for his sleep, most of the time he wouldn't nap even if you had him lay down but I still think it would improve his mood some days!

Apparently someone Photoshopped the Back to the Future still photo, so the future date hasn't happened yet. We have to wait till 2015 for that. I can handle that wait, but where are the flying cars already? :smileywink: (No hoverboard for me. Going on a tube behind FIL's speedboat was bad enough. LOL)

I hope the cousin's car works out for you. An oldie like the Malibu would be great to keep around if you had a place to park it and just take it for drives now and then. Not for a regular vehicle, especially with car seats. We're hoping for Ford to have another event they call "Push, Pull or Drag" 'cause we'd get two grand for our current car and wouldn't have to deal with a private sale (as we would if we took the IL's car). Plus we'd be going for a new family car with that deal and that would be good for all of us, especially with trips back and forth to see our folks.

Poor kitty cats! I hope there's no permanent behaviour change with you in Alabama some of the time. I felt bad for our cat having to stay indoors yesterday because we weren't sure how long we'd be out at the lake with the ILs and didn't want him wandering the neighbourhood if we'd left him out... Hopefully if we go camping this month, we can just leave extra food and leave him inside again. I'm not sure the nephews (who live across town) would be good to check in on him since their mum isn't that responsible with pets. (Sad to say, but true.)

Now to answer your questions about Tim: When we went to the lake yesterday, he had a few bread products. I gave him some medicine to soften things up, before bed last night and twice today. That probably helped a lot because he got quite a bit out of his system! Tonight I bought more Ritz crackers (both original and mini PB sandwiches are milk-free) so he's got something for snacking at the ILs. I also baked bread with soy milk 'cause a half-loaf would be good for him to have with hot dogs or hamburgers, and as toast. I'm going to try avoiding all the same foods if I can 'cause I'm feeling a bit off lately myself, but thankfully no stomach cramps as I used to get.

Unfortunately, he's still backed up. Not nearly as bad as the doc found last year, but he needs laxatives again. I picked those up tonight since we'd seen the doc late this afternoon and needed to get home for supper. Will have to start that up again tomorrow - he was on two different ones for about 5 months last year, so we've been through this before. We'll also be seeing the other pediatrician in the area to see what she thinks, in case the pedi here missed something. (He's also really hard to get info from 'cause he'd rather dictate to his computer for the family doc to know what's going on and then you have to pester both of them...) There's a chance we'll need to go to the children's hospital in Vancouver if neither pedi comes up with what's going on - simply lactose intolerance or another condition as the family doc suspects. (We took him when he was 7 mos old, for a sacral dimple that turned out to be harmless. Ben's grew in but Tim's didn't, like mine. At least the surgeon who saw him in Vancouver said surgery isn't needed - when I was young, our family doc thought it would be a huge problem and apparently did unnecessary work to close up the dimple.)

Hope you got to see your brother play in the band. Sis #1's hubby is a drummer. Not sure what he's doing for work now, but he did get to be on a CD years ago, for a cool (folk/country?) singer named Roxanne Hall. I should check out how she's doing these days. (Same for a school acquaintance, Stasia, who puts up videos on Facebook sometimes and has done her own demo CD too.)

The boys were invited to a sleepover with their cousins, at the lake. (Hubby's bro will probably be too busy with FIL's plans to make his way here with his little family, but I'll keep the house tidy just in case.) I'll be packing up for that tomorrow, what wasn't already taken on yesterday's trip. I'm seriously thinking about staying home. I had too much sun and not the best food yesterday, so I felt awful this morning and took a while to get moving on daily stuff. I'd be so much more comfortable getting stuff done at home if Hubby's comfy taking the boys alone. I do that regularly to visit with my family, even on weekends when uncles and aunts show up, but it feels weird to be the one opting to stay at home. Maybe I need to look at it as a step back from being the controlling mother LOL so it's good for all of us to have a little space now and then.

I did get the car vacuumed today despite feeling crummy, so if I'm home with time and a quiet house, maybe I'll vacuum and steam clean the three carpeted rooms. That's been on my list since late spring and I only got to one of the rooms. Oh, and my car needs a good wash, too. :smileywink: Then there's Olympic coverage and books to read... (We saw some swimming today since I had no desire to be outdoors at first. Naughty mama keeping my kids inside...)

I have a cat on my lap now, so I'll try to find an activity that doesn't require typing rather than petting him. :smileywink: Have a great end of the week! I'll update soon!

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 7:49pm
Whew, busy end of the week! Hubby took Thursday and Friday off (except for a bit of time at the office Thursday morning to finish off a job). We went to the lake together because the laxatives caused Tim to have a couple accidents the first day and I thought a second parent along would help. Turns out the ILs scheduled a lot of activities for BIL's visit, so there wasn't time for Hubby to be watching the kids anyway. I did my best to keep hydrated and properly fed, which helped a lot with feeling good compared to our Tuesday visit.

I thought we'd be home all of Saturday, but there were minor toilet repairs to do and then we thought we should take Tim to get his school supplies. While we were out that time, we found a propane BBQ on sale, so getting that home and putting it together took the rest of the afternoon. Ribs that night were delicious and then Hubby made rotisserie chicken and baked potatoes the next day, all with the BBQ.

Sunday was church and I went along with the preschoolers to see what lessons they do, so I'm ready to take over the class for the next few weeks. Then we came home to pack a quick lunch to take to my oldest sister's house. It was nice to get in a visit when she's usually busy with work (and is now in an occupational rehab program due to a shoulder injury).

Today we've been at home for Hubby's last day off, a provincial holiday. Not much doing, some outside play for the boys and movies to take advantage of AC on a hot day. :smileywink: We have leftovers from the past two days, so supper should be easy when the second movie is done.

Tomorrow we have reading club at the library and I think with the great weather lately, I can put off the weekly lawn-mowing to Wednesday morning when we have nothing else planned. Other than that, probably some fence-painting (a little at a time if it's as hot as the forecast calls for) and maybe I'll get the laundry room steam-cleaned. (Who puts carpet in a laundry room?!) At the least, it needs to be vacuumed since I had no other place for the litter box and every litter change is messier than I mean for it to be. :smileywink:

Hope all is well with you!

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Tue, 08-07-2012 - 12:35am

Hey, neat find on the propane BBQ!  I've been craving good barbeque, and haven't gotten any yet.  We tried a local place here in AL after church yesterday, but were disappointed.  There are a few good places back home in TN, so of course that's what we're comparing.  Erik brought me some store-bought bbq home after work today as a pre-anniversary gift, so I'll eat that for lunch tomorrow and see how it compares.

Is Tim getting excited to start school?  What about you?  How are you feeling about it?

LOL at carpet in the laundry room.  That is a silly place for it.  My parents' house, the one I grew up in, had carpet in every room except the laundry room.  There was carpet in the kitchen and the bathrooms.  There was low pile in the kitchen, but it was shag carpet in the bathrooms.  Really silly!   The funny thing is, they haven't replaced any of it, except in one of the bathrooms.  I'd like to replace all flooring with laminate wood.  It is so durable and easy to clean!

We've had a pretty good time here in Alabama so far.  DH and I have gotten along really well, and he's shared some deep (for a man) thoughts that he normally won't share.  He's being a better Dad, too.  Wednesday is our anniversary.  I got him a knife.  He brought me some flowers today and said that he'd get me a "real" gift soon.  I have an OB appt. in TN on Friday, and I think he is going to go with me for the weekend.  We will travel on Thursday after he gets home from work, and we'll stay in our own home for the weekend.  He hasn't been to any appts. this time around, so I'm glad he gets to come.  My parents are going to keep Leslie overnight so that we can have some kid-free time to celebrate our anniversary.  I'm really looking forward to it.

We are also going to go ahead and buy my cousin's car this weekend.  It'll be so nice to give my parents back their car, and I'm sure they'll appreciate having it back.  They have done so much for us.  I wish I could repay them, but now that I'm a parent myself, I realize it's ok if I can't.  That's what parents do!

I guess that's it for now.

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Thu, 08-09-2012 - 1:32am
Oops, meant to reply last night and wish you a great anniversary at the beginning of it. I hope it was a great day! Was the BBQ lunch good?

Tim's really excited about school and we're one step closer to having all his supplies. (Found the plain exercise books today. Just need a couple more items now!) We just received the schedule for the first two weeks and I'm hoping it won't be hard to work around since there are parent conferences without the students and I'm always home with both of my kids... Otherwise, I'm excited about finding a good routine with Ben at home and then seeing when his preschool program starts.

We had a good thunderstorm, probably two actually, early this morning. I woke up just after 4:30 and just listened for about an hour. Then as it was winding down, I read my email devotions and got sleepy enough to catch another hour of rest! The rain gave me an excuse not to mow right away, plus Hubby commented before going to work that the grass wasn't growing that much anyway. I ended up using the day for shopping instead, including a garage sale set up across from Hubby's office (the office manager's sale since she's moving soon).

Tim's now had three clean days in a row. Yay! Looks like the medication is helping as far as his ability to get to the bathroom on time. :smileywink: Ben had an accident at hte end of the day, so it looks like I can't slack off reminding him (about every 90 minutes). At least I've been able to leave him in underwear the whole day rather than getting out more pull-ups for car rides and naps. We're getting there!

Tomorrow's supposed to be an at-home, outdoor day since Tim was talking about fixing damage to his playhouse, which is really just a dusty area under one of the large (spruce?) trees. He's getting quite the imagination there, talking about what happened due to the storm (and he was making up stories to tell at reading club too). As for me, I'll be looking for reading and cleaning time!

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 12:31am
Yesterday I got a bunch of little things done and some reading. It was a good day!

Today, not so much. I didn't want to go anywhere, so no errands in the (small) city near us, even though shopping might have made me happy. :smileywink: I got progressively grumpier as the day passed. :smileysad: I had the boys outside early so that we'd get our fresh air before the heat of the day, but there was more fighting and screaming than there should have been. Eventually, close to the time to make lunch, I sent them both inside because of Ben's screaming. I really don't want my kids to be the noisy ones of the neighbourhood!

We watched Olympic coverage (yay for the PVR!) and I got the kitchen cleaned, then we did really have to get out for a few things, right here in the village though, so it didn't take long. Fortunately, ice cream was on our list to buy, so we had mini cones at home. Then more fighting and screaming until Tim decided he needed (a late) naptime. Ben went with him and they talked and played quietly, but then Ben made a mess in his shorts instead of going to the bathroom. Grrr.

I'm watching "Ever After" tonight to relax and shove off any residual grumpies. I hope the weekend is much better - I'm used to being the most chipper one in the house, and I can't blame Ben's insistence on pushing, hitting and screaming for all of my mood today. Hormones? :smileywink: I'm on the second week of my pill pack (keeping my irregular and messed-up system under control, hee hee) so maybe it has something to do with that.

Not sure what we're doing this weekend, maybe going to one of the local lakes for lunch and some afternoon fun? Or just lazing around at home and deciding what else to make "on the barbie." I do have a book to read for review by Wednesday, so reading time would be nice...

Back on Monday with an update!

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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 10:39pm

Ugh for a bad day!  Little things can pile up and make for a big bad mood.  Sounds like the boys added to your stress level by being brothers :smileywink:  I hope the movie ended your day on a good note.

Ok, I don't know what PVR stands for.  Pole Vault something or another?

Our weather has been nice over the last several days.  It's been 81 or 82 degrees, and a little bit breezy.  That's such a nice change from the mid-90's we've had for most of the summer.  It's a good thing you're getting familiar with Farenheit, b/c I'm not at all familiar with Celsius.  :smileysurprised:  This weather really gets me in the mood for autumn, though I guess it won't be here for another month or two.

Erik and I had a really nice anniversary weekend.  He came to our house in TN with me so that we could celebrate while my parents kept Leslie overnight, and we really enjoyed being together (for a change).  My poor parents only got 3.5 hours of sleep because Leslie would not settle down and go to sleep, so I feel kind of bad about that.  She's never really been a great traveler, and she doesn't sleep well outside of her normal environment.  Anyway, Erik went back to Alabama on Sunday afternoon since he had to work on Monday, but I stayed here in TN.  As usual, something is going wrong here at the house that needs to be taken care of.  This time the security system is acting funky and beeping in the middle of the night (lovely wake up!).  Truthfully most of our valuable stuff is still here, as well as the cats, so we need the security system to function correctly.  Someone is coming tomorrow to fix it.

We also officially bought my cousin's car.  It's currently in the shop awaiting repair of the A/C system.  I'm sure it's going to cost an arm and a leg, but I'm praying for a miracle that it won't.  Nonetheless, this way we can give my parents their car back and we'll have a second vehicle that's suitable for car pooling as well as for hauling two kids around.  I'm hoping Erik will be the main driver of the "new" car and I can have our other one back.  It's quite a bit bigger and sits higher off the ground, which I really like.

I got a maternity massage today, and it was wonderful!  I could have just taken a nap on the table I was so comfortable, and I hated when it came to an end.  The only bad thing was that I had gift cards to this particular place that would have covered the full amount, but when I arrived I realized I'd left them at home.  Luckily they were running a 30% off sale, so it could have been worse, but I hate that I had to pay for it out of our general funds.

Leslie is still doing pretty well taking her naps, so life has been a little easier lately.  She is really starting to back talk, though, and I'm not sure how to discipline for that.  It seems like anything I've done so far has little effect, aside from spanking.  I don't like to spank often, but that really seems to get her attention.  On the other hand, I don't want her to get SO MANY spankings.  These kids really should come with instructions!

Has your mood leveled out?  I never noticed any mood swings when I was on birth control pills. 

How is Tim doing sticking with his good potty habits?  Is he excited about school?

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Tue, 08-14-2012 - 9:35pm

My Friday movie definitely helped. :smileyhappy: And then we had a good weekend, too. At the moment I can't remember what we did, so I'm going to respond to your message first and hope it comes to me. :smileywink:

PVR is Personal Video Recorder or something like that. It's a digital recorder and ours is part of our satellite TV deal, so we have a basic package and free rental of the recorder. For our first year in this house, we had a different satellite provider and just the receiver, so we still recorded with a VCR.

Ooh, cooler (warm) weather sounds nice. I suppose it won't be too long before our temps go down a bit. I will definitely enjoy that!

I'm glad your weekend was a good one. :smileyhappy: Hope the security system repairs didn't cost much, especially with the car repairs already needed. (Yay for the new car!)

I've never paid for a massage, just get occasional ones from Hubby. I want to get a pedicure one of these days. There's a place close to our post office where a lady does spa-type stuff out of her home, by appt. That seems like it would be handy, just need someone to hang with the boys.

Hooray for better naps for Leslie! Ugh to the attitude. Ben's doing the same and he often doesn't respond unless you spank or warn him he's going to get a spanking. (Meanwhile Tim's usually too sensitive and he'll break down in tears at being told he's done something bad.)

I think my mood is better now. Must make sure I don't skip my tea in the morning and get enough food at the right times 'cause caffeine intake and good blood sugar levels do seem to affect me... And sticking with devotions right away in the morning! Gotta get my head, heart and spirit on the right track, not get ahead of things by focusing on "things" that need to be done.

Tim's doing much better with the bathroom. The laxatives definitely help his system. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have some answers on why that's so. We got his appt scheduled with the other pediatrician and it isn't until November, so I do hope we'll get some testing ordered from the current pedi, who's very good with kids but not so much with the parents. :smileywink:

Oh, and Tim is very excited about school. I'm glad for that, wouldn't want him to be dreading it or even indifferent.

Okay, before I head off to prayer meeting, I think I can remember some of the weekend now! We had a quiet Saturday morning, then went out after lunch for dinner ingredients. Hubby made pork roast, potatoes and carrots with the BBQ and I added a garden salad. We also watched a movie that night. Sunday there was church and then a quiet afternoon, including family naptime.

All righty, better get the kids in PJs before I go to church. Hubby will probably entertain them with a show on Netflix prior to bedtime.