May/June G2K Cathy & Jennifer

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May/June G2K Cathy & Jennifer
Thu, 05-03-2012 - 10:45am

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Re: May/June G2K Cathy & Jennifer
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 10:43pm

Hello, Cathy!  Greetings from beautiful Tennessee!!! LOL

Did you have a nice anniversary?  Did you and Dale get to do anything special?

That's so awesome that the congratulatory letter has gone out.  Maybe you've gotten it already?  I see your points about recognition for the leadership you've already  been showing, and about being rewarded for putting your family first.  I wouldn't have thought that you'd be rewarded for putting your family first via a promotion at work, but that's a great way of looking at it.  You usually think of getting rewarded for work stuff at work and family stuff with family, but yes, I guess it can work either way.

I think you're right that the cutest stuff is still for girls, but it seems like when I was pregnant with Leslie there was NO cute boy stuff.  Maybe the designs are getting better.

I went to my cousin's shower today and that was fun.  She got a lot of good stuff, plus she'll have another shower at her job.  I got her some Aden and Anais (sp?) swaddle blankets, and truthfully I'd like to try them, too.  I've heard they're good.

Well, we're going on two weeks now of diarrhea.  Leslie's poor bottom is just completely red and bumpy, and the bumps look to be spreading down the back of her thighs.  I thought that was just eczema at first, but I looked closer tonight and it's the same type of bump on her legs and her bottom.  She also ran a fever again Saturday.  Since we're in TN, I'm going to call first thing in the a.m. and see if I can get her in to see our old pediatrician here.  Keeping her in onesies has pretty much kept her from smearing the poop, except she did manage to get to it this afternoon.  Right before I left for the baby shower, of course.  I know she's miserable with this stuff, and I'm certainly tired of it, too.  Please pray the ped. can really figure out what's going on and offer some treatment.

Perhaps TMI, but before I left AL, Erik and I DTD, and of course I cried afterward.  I told him that I think it's because it makes me sad that that's all the affection we can manage to show.  That led to a short convo about how we don't have convo's LOL.  I told him I want to call him in the evenings while we're apart and talk some things out.  I was just thinking maybe it will be easier over the phone.  I don't know.  Sometimes people are more polite on the phone.  I told him I'd like for us to be honest with each other but without the biting comments and the sarcasm.  He said "Ok", which is his standard response.  Now to find some time in the evenings when Leslie won't be too much of an interruption (yeah, right).

How is your new student doing so far?  Too early to tell?

I guess I better get in bed if I'm going to call the dr. first thing tomorrow.  Again, please pray for a good appt. for Leslie so that she can start getting over this nasty junk.