May/June G2K Cindy & Becca

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May/June G2K Cindy & Becca
Thu, 05-03-2012 - 10:44am

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Re: May/June G2K Cindy & Becca
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 12:23am
(Making my way backwards through your message...)

Mmm, I love bacon! I don't make it often because I forget. And I love the taste of pan-fried bacon, but I hate when the grease spits back at me, so I tend to pop it in the microwave when I do cook it. We try to freeze the remainder of a package so it doesn't spoil before we can use it up. I don't always remember, though, tsk tsk.

Your weekend plans sound good! I looked through some flyers today in case there were more coupons like the SmartSource booklet had, but no luck. And I did it right after lunch, so I was strangely uninterested in looking at pictures of food. :smileywink:

Lots of goodies show up at Hubby's office as well. That's gotta be tough to stay away from. Wouldn't be as damaging if he had more exercise time, but he just fits in squash on one lunch break a week or something like that. Then there's the recent projects to fix up the house a little. Hopefully that will help!

I've had two walks today, one after breakfast and one before evening snack. I want another to help with the food intake today - Hubby made supper, which is great except that he chooses high-calorie dishes. I also helped eat up the extras 'cause he'd made too much, and it was super-yummy... I'll have a computer break, then do the reading-while-walking thing again.

I just got a replacement laptop battery a few days ago and now the pin in my power cord snapped off. Oy! Thank goodness I've found cheaper replacements online and didn't order from Dell. That would have been a higher price and I'd be really mad at my machine! :smileywink: In the meantime, Hubby and I will share his power cord since he bought a Dell this year in place of his dying computer. Not having a good track record here with computers/accessories, are we? :smileywink:

Feels like I've got a mild cold here. Not in my sinuses yet, but definite increase in sneezing and some stuffiness. That might mean there's no picnic lunch with my parents on Monday, since Mum's immune system isn't very good. Booo.

I guess I should have a plan for some time alone on Sunday afternoon - Hubby's going to take the boys to buy me a birthday present. (I got a boat safety flashlight for Mother's Day since Tim seemed to think I needed yet another flashlight LOL so we'll see what he comes up with this time.) I wonder what Hubby's going to pick. He didn't order something from ThinkGeek in time (Star Trek themed Mr. Potatohead, hee hee hee) but I've told him puzzles, stationery, journals, Star Trek novels and games. He'll either go from that list or wing it! And he already did buy me a rose... (Usually he's really good at gift-picking. For Mother's Day he made me a gel pen and letter opener from Bethlehem olive wood! :smileyhappy: )

Okay, I'm going to get some more reading done. Hopefully The Message will get back on track in a minute - there are sometimes errors around midnight Eastern when they're doing The Message Amped and the music switches back to regular programming, not the rock and metal the listeners are expecting! I think it must be a computer glitch.

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 6:59am

Woohoo to dh making dinner.  I wish my dh could do that, but he's not a cooker.  :smileyhappy:  He is off this week, so I may have to change up the menu plan I made.  I forgot he would be home when I made it, and we will probably want to do more grilling with him home.  At least then he helps with the cooking.

Yeah to the new battery, but boo to the snapped power cord!  I find that a lot of those kind of replacements can be bought cheaper online.  We buy almost all of our phone extras online.  It is so much cheaper then buying them in the store.

Ugh, but you just got over being sick!  I hope you are able to get over this really quick so you can still go visit mom!

I hope you enjoy your "me time" this afternoon.  I also hope dh and the boys are able to find you some great birthday gifts!

I don't usually get on the computer on Sunday morning, but my paper still isn't here yet.  Normally, I would be going through my ads and coupons right now.  I am a bit aggravated that it is not here yet.  Our street can seem to keep a good paper deliverer.  They change every couple of months.  There were a few I really liked and was sad to see them go.  The guy now is usually ok, but I should have my paper by now.  :smileysad:

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 10:41pm
Hubby wanted to grill tonight, so we had super yummy honey mustard grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. He had also made lunch!

I took the dog for a walk when the guys left, so that was my "me time" activity for the afternoon. He was pretty good, just overexcited at the start. I tried to keep him on a shorter leash so I could determine the pace and teach him I'm in control. I'm wondering if that's just what he needs to be a better leash-walker - not to be left roaming and pulling at the end of the leash, but to be reigned in... We'll see.

I feel better today, so maybe it's just allergy symptoms and not a cold. Tomorrow morning I'll take allergy medication and I have some the kids can take if necessary.

Hope you got your paper for the ads and coupons. Very annoying to have to wait longer than usual!

Hubby's making the icing for my cake and then we'll have to decide between TV shows or a movie tonight. We watched a chick flick Friday night and we may do another tomorrow night, so I'll float the idea of an action or comedy tonight to break it up. :smileywink: