The crib is going up!!

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The crib is going up!!
Sat, 08-04-2007 - 1:59pm

I think I am almost ready for Josh to go into his crib. He is 10 weeks and by 12 weeks or 3 months...I want him in his crib..i did this with nathan and he has always been a good sleeper!! so i am thinking of putting the crib up now and letting him take his naps in there so nathan doesn't have to be quiet!! not fair to nathan!

only thing with nathan I slept in his room for a month after i put him in his crib..i can't do that this time! so pray for me...separation is really hard for me!!

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Sat, 08-04-2007 - 2:19pm
aww that's rough. praying for smooth transitions for both you and joshy



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Mon, 08-06-2007 - 9:55pm
Aww I hope it works out and the transition is smooth. My first son was moved at 3 months and my second at 2 months. Both were very long babies and didn't fit very well in the bassinette at those ages lol! I kept my first longer because I was neurotic and worried a lot LOL! My second one, I just wanted him to be comfortable and I SO needed to sleep since my first wasn't sleeping through the night yet, and he did great! I will pray for you!

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