It's a BOY!!! Jackson William Leroy is here :) - VBA2C Success!! Birth Story and Picture

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It's a BOY!!! Jackson William Leroy is here :) - VBA2C Success!! Birth Story and Picture
Sat, 06-30-2012 - 3:38pm

Sorry this is so long :smileyhappy: Here are the stats: Jackson William Leroy was born on Tuesday June 26th at 8:24am weighing 6lb 11oz and 19.5in long 


So Monday  night my husband and I were up late putting together our boys' new bunk bed. It took forever! Finished up and got both boys in bed finally at about 11pm. Once I sat still I started having some contractions about 10-15min apart, but the felt a little more intense. I mentioned to my mom that I hoped it wasn't tonight because my back hurt from building that stupid bed!

I tried to lay down but that made them worse, so I started timing them about 12:30, They were then about 3-5min apart but only lasting 35-45sec. So I took a shower about 1, woke up my mom about 1:30, they didn't stop after the shower and were getting more intense, so I called the doula at about 2 or so. She asked how much sleep I'd had, I told her none and she about had a heart attack on the phone lol. She was like oh honey you do not want to do this on no sleep! So she ordered me to take some tylenol pm and lay down and try to doze between contractions lol. I did that for not quite an hour, and I did doze a bit. They had slowed to about 4-5min apart, so I could doze quite a bit.

I called the doula back about 3:15 or so and told her they were not going to slow anymore and for her to go ahead and come over, so she did. At that point I asked my mom to start the bath and I woke up my husband (my mom had gone to bed about 9 so that's why I woke her up first lol, figured I'd let my husband get some rest while he could). I called the photographer and let her know what was going on and that the doula was on her way and I’d have her check me when she got there then call her back to let her know if she should head over. I didn’t wait but maybe 5 more minutes then called her right back and told her to just go ahead and head over because contractions were getting very intense, and she was about 20min away.

We decided it was time to get the boys next door to my grandmas, so my mom got them up and took them down there, then the doula got there a little after 3:30.  I was in the tub, contractions were back to being about 2-3min apart, but still not lasting quite a minute long yet. The warm water was so nice, and helped a ton with the contractions, along with someone putting pressure on my lower back. I breathed through as many as I could, but I was starting to need to groan/moan through them by now. The doula checked the heart rate as soon as she got there and it was going wonderful. After about 10minutes I got out of the tub and asked her to check to see how far along I was. I was about 6-7cm with a bulging bag of waters. I got back in the tub and the doula mentioned that as soon as my water broke I’d probably progress super fast and we’d want to head to the hospital then. We waited a couple more contractions and I said lets call the photographer and just go up now, they were getting really intense and that made me nervous about the car ride :smileyhappy:

Well the photographer walked in right then, it was close to 4:15 and I stayed in the tub for a few more contractions to let her get some pictures of us at home (which I’m so glad I did!). It took us a few to get me dressed and down to the car, had a couple contractions along the way, and they were not so fun out of the water lol. The car ride there I only had like 3 contractions, so that wasn’t so bad, Daniel was in the back with me, and could apply pressure to my back so they were manageable. We got to the hospital a little before 5 and got all the papers filled out to get checked in. The staff was very patient with me and did things between the contractions, when I finally got in a gown and in bed they checked me and I was a 9 with only a lip left! The nurse had another nurse come in to check me to be sure, since my bag of waters was bulging. Second nurse agreed with the first that I was at 9 just a lip left.

At this point the contractions were very very hard to concentrate through, and having a nurse trying to get an IV in did not help lol. Ended up having to get it in my right hand instead of the left. I started ‘pushing’ with the contractions about 5:30 I think, and that was quickly becoming more than I could deal with. The nurse kept telling me to stop pushing (yea RIGHT!) and to just breath through them, I pretty much yelled at her ‘I can’t help it!’ every time she said that lol. The OB got there and checked me a little after 5:30 said that I was complete, broke my water to “relieve the pressure”. We continued for awhile more but the pushing contractions sucked! It was soon after this I told my doula I was done and I wanted an epidural lol. I told them, no joke, send for it now.

The anesthesiologist came in shortly after and introduced himself etc. I had only one bag of fluids and they liked two bags in first so I had to wait a bit longer for the 2nd bag to get in. Oh man, from then on it was a nightmare each contraction, after it was over I’d be like ‘Just get the epidural now!’ or ‘OMG how much more fluid’ lol. The last like 10cx before the epidural was in I started getting leg spasms with each contraction. I lost it with those...that was like a charlie horse over and over. Did I say it was a nightmare before? No, this is when the nightmare started lol.

Finally the epi was in, I got enough relief to be fine through the contractions but still feel the urge to push and had enough mobility in my legs to stil move around a bit. My OB came back in at some point to check on me, they got the stirrups out and I pushed a bit with him before he had to go prep for a c-section. He noticed baby was face up, and he tried to get baby to turn, but no such luck.  He told the nurse to just let me push till he came back.  So I got on my hands and knees to push awhile, which we were hoping would get baby to turn into a better position too. Then used the squat bar a bit, and that was the best position! It was so nice to have enough mobility to do these different positions, and an awesome doula that I think was the main reason the nurse agreed! The nurse was a little hesitant at first about doing the squat bar, because she said they didn’t use them much and she wasn’t even sure how they worked LOL. How sad is that...

Anyway, my OB came back in about 8 and got me back into the stirrups to push some more. I was so glad to have the epidural, because he had his hands in trying to help the baby over a lip or something...I could feel the pressure of him digging around down there...ugh. I was so tired at this point that I was sort of zoning/dozing in between contractions. After a few pushes the baby no longer was going back up to a +1 after the push, but was staying put at +2...that was very exciting! A few more after that and they told me to feel the head, it was so close! A few more pushes and his head was out! I didn’t even feel it at all, just the Dr. telling me to stop pushing and to just breathe. He didn’t even have me push the shoulders out either, just breathe and out came baby, and it was announced that it was a boy! 8:24am Jackson William Leeroy was born, all 6lb 11oz and 19.5in of him :smileyhappy: We all laughed and cried and baby was on my stomach/chest for a moment, but they took him away real quick because the cord was around his neck and he wasn’t screaming coming out. Everything was fine though, and he was given back to me pretty quickly :smileyhappy:

It was such a surreal experience. I just couldn’t believe I did it! My baby was here! I pushed him out, on my back, and face up!! I was just amazed. I found out later that my OB gave me an episiotomy, and had to do a ton of packing inside because my wall was torn up, but he couldn’t stitch it because the tissue was too soft the stitches were just pulling through. After they removed the packing that afternoon around 3, the bleeding didn’t stop so they had me re-checked and it ended up being the perineal tear that was bleeding and needed a couple more stitches. Since then recovery has been a breeze. Night and day from a c-section!

Jackson is such a sweet baby, and the boys absolutely love him! I’m so so glad I got my VBA2C! Even though I wish my OB hadn’t given me the episiotomy, or at least had told me beforehand to give me the option to decline it etc, I’m just so excited that I had my baby! My doula, who is also a midwife, told me she almost said something, but didn’t want to make the OB mad. She said I was stretching very nicely and I probably wouldn’t have torn at all if he hadn’t cut me!

I DID IT!! I just can’t stop smiling about it :smileyvery-happy: I had a VBA2C!!




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I just read your birth story again - It's a dream birth to me. It's so encouraging and he is such a little Doll!!!

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He is such a handsome baby boy! Congratulations!!!! And just for the record.....tearing naturally and an episiotomy heal exactly the same......take it from somebody who has had both of them. :smileywink:

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