Do I fit here?

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Do I fit here?
Mon, 06-12-2006 - 9:47pm

Hi ladies,

I almost don't like the name of this board-I don't like to consider myself 'older' but the shoe fits so...

I am Theresa (35), been married to Chris(40 in Oct)

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Mon, 06-12-2006 - 10:14pm

Sounds like a fit to me. We are only as old as we feel, but the actual # age does throw us into certain slots.

Looking forward to getting to know you.


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Mon, 06-12-2006 - 10:44pm

I know what you mean, Theresa. 15 months ago I gave birth to my 3rd DD at age 35. I didn't think anything of it until I was labeled "Advanced Materal Age" by my OB, and I received looks of pure SHOCK from people when they found out I was pregnant. I was like "Huh? What's the big deal?" LOL Apparently, the medical community considers 35 a magic number for being an Old Pregnant Chick. LOL



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Mon, 06-12-2006 - 11:00pm
I hate that "Advanced Maternal Age"
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Tue, 06-13-2006 - 2:32am

Hi Theresa -

I know what you mean about the "older" thing - I don't feel very old, just very pregnant!

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Tue, 06-13-2006 - 5:54am

I'm with you on the Advanced Maternal Age thing!

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Tue, 06-13-2006 - 10:48am

Looks like you will fit in pretty well.

I like the title "Older" instead of just plain "Old".....LOL

I look forward to getting to know you.

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Tue, 06-13-2006 - 8:49pm

Hi Theresa! :)

I think we should name this board 'Not Spring Chickens' -- LOL -- anyone remember when Olivia Walton got pg on one of the shows and the doctor said, "Well, Olivia, you're not a spring chicken anymore." ROFL

I think if you want to have another baby - go for it. My first was born when I was 37, my 2nd when I was 38 and my 3rd when I was 40. I did have some pregnancy related issues but none of them were due to my age. :)

My OB (who is a high-risk OB -- but I see him because I want to not because I *had* to) has never freaked out over my age and my pregnancies; but then he wouldn't because he and his wife had their 6th child when she was 44. :)

So, you get my vote to go for it!! If a stranger on the internet gets a vote, that is. LOL

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Tue, 06-13-2006 - 10:20pm

I LOVE the 'not spring chickens'

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Wed, 06-14-2006 - 12:15am

lol - too funny!