Hello Monday!

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Hello Monday!
Mon, 02-25-2013 - 2:44am

Hi ladies! How was everyone's weekend? Grab a cup of coffee and let's chat :)

Our weekend was not the best, Sat morning around 2am we ended up taking MIL to the hospital because she was having severe abdominal pain. Turns out it is an intestinal blockage and they will probably need to operate, but it's risky due to some other health issues. For now they are trying to treat her without surgery and she is in less pain than yesterday, so we will see. That coupled with the stress between DH and I and omg I am ready for a vacation!!! :(

Going to try to make the best of this week though... I have a lot of fun projects on the agenda with the kids and have been doing good on my new "clean eating" diet, so trying to focus on the positives.

what is everyone else doing today??

are you ready for Feb to be over? I can't wait for March! First off because the 8th is my birthday and second because March is closer to spring!!

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Mon, 02-25-2013 - 8:16am

I don't know how I got in, tried all day Friday and never did:(

Good morning!

Jen-so sorry about your MIL! I hope that she is better soon.

We had a nice, busy weekend!

Friday night movie night-watched Frankenweenie-terrible movie! I can't believe Disney put their name on it.

Saturday, went sledding with the kids in the yard. MIL and DH's family stoped over then we all went out to dinner.

Yesterday Nola was supposed to have a b-day party to go to but the poor girl was throwing up all day:( So I took Ella, Aidan and 2 of their  friends to a waterpark instead. I so hope she is better today, I am keeping her home from school.

I can not wait until spring! So happy March will be here on Saturday! We are having 30's all week which sadly feels like spring around here! LOL! We have a lot of snow to melt.

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Mon, 02-25-2013 - 2:23pm

Oh Jen so not what you needed. Hope your MIL gets better soon.

Tracie hope Nola feels better soon. it was a perfect day to go sledding. We took Charlotte out as well. Got to enjoy these nice days when we can.

We took my BFF out for her birthday on Saturday. Had a lot of fun but the restaurant we went to was so not kid friendly. DH had to take Charlotte out for a walk for a while. I would go back again just minus the kid. My friend wanted to hang out after but she had just come down with a cold and I so don't want Charlotte or myself to get sick. I felt bad saying no since we don't get to see each other much.

Charlotte is getting another new tooth so sleep isn't her best thing right now. Makes for a nice cranky toddler. Which I really enjoy since DH has to be gone a lot this week. School is keeping him really busy. At least spring break is soon. Oh and this weekend we have our night away. I am starting to get excited. Just hope the teething won't bother her so much that she won't sleep for my mom.