It's Monday Again

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It's Monday Again
Mon, 02-11-2013 - 4:07pm

Well we survived the snow storm. It didn't end up doing much just a few inches of crusty snow. Roads were a little slippery but not to bad. Tracie how did you far?

We had a crazy busy weekend. DH was gone all day Saturday. My mom came over to help clean down in the basement. Not always easy to do with a curious toddler. Plus had to get Charlotte's hair trimmed and go to the grocery store. Thankfully Charlotte was very well behaved for those activites. Sunday we stayed in and worked some more on the basement. We are almost ready to move Charlotte's toys down there. Really looking forward to having that done. I want my house back. Now we need some muscle to come over and help move some furniture down to the new guest room and we will be down.

I'm excited we are going to go car shopping this weekend. Probably won't buy yet but it gets the ball rolling at least. It will be so nice to have two working cars again.

How was everyone's weekend?