Monday---- MLK holiday !

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Monday---- MLK holiday !
Mon, 01-21-2013 - 11:07am

Thank you to Heather for reminding me that Lydia you also had surgery !!!  Goodness, I"m assuming all is going good?   I LOVED the tractor shopping.... I remember we had a John Deere but it wasn't a cab... then we got a Blue cabbed Ford---  that thing was awesome...  cassette player AND a blower  (ummm,no-- not AC, but rather would blow hot air on you--- but when you are going round and round baling hay, hot air is a luxury !!)  LOL  Ahhhh.... I miss those days.  Nothing like growing up on a ranch.

(and Heather-- did you update us on the stolen car?

Jen.... how are things going with DH and your counseling?

Karri...  aren't you on "staycation" right now???  YEAH about the bus stop victory (you little Norma Rae)

Ann...  any more scoop on the lockdown?  (and tell us more about the homemade Ravs!)

Gertie is on her cruise this week.... if only we all could go with her !

Cindy.. wondering how you are doing?

Lurkers (Mindz???) ... update !

I know she doesn't post here anymore--- but for those that know her...TivoAmy's FIL passed away.... he fought Lymphoma for 12 years !  

As for me..  we still have Danny's music class this morning...then we are going to venture up to the American Girl Doll Store AND the Disney Store.  I'd rather stay home and work on the bedding that I am sewing for her Mckenna doll--- but it IS a holiday AND she has been very good-- so, going is a reward.... it's after 8am and Dan is still sleeping.  I heard him fuss at 5am, so maybe he had a restless night???  no idea-- but I"m glad he's getting his Zzzzz's in.   (but I hate not being able check in on him).  No other news.....   Glad the Pats aren't in the SB.... but NOT a Ravens fan either, so....I'm a bit blah about the big game in 2 weeks.    Got some projects done and convinced DH that I should paint the tiny bathroom downstairs and then redo the accent wall !!!  woo hooo......

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Mon, 01-21-2013 - 2:46pm

I can't beileve I keep forgetting to update about the car. We actually got it back 3 days later. The crazy thiefs left a ton of crap in it. We turned it all into the cops. They did some damage this time but it doesn't matter now as that seems to have officially died on us. We're not willing to spend more money on it. New car coming our way.

Seems to be a sleep in kind of day. Charlotte slept till almost 8. Which she hasn't done in forever. Wondering if she's having a growth spurt. I don't mind it at all. Sleeping in felt great.

So I am 20 weeks today can't believe we are half way already. Starting to get excited but also realizing how much work there is to do. We need to get my sister's crap out of our basement so we can move the workout equipment and convert that space into a office/guest room. Everything from current office/guest room needs to move out so we can make that Charlotte's new room. A few minor changes to Charlotte's current room. Plus we have a space in the basement that we are going to make a playroom. Oh and DH finishes grad school, my sister gets married and all the things to go with that. Not to mention the getting of a new car. This year is going to be very busy to start with.

I also am happy the Pats aren't going to the superbowl. I think I will have to cheer for the niner's but I do like Matt Birk on the Ravens. For him I wouldn't mind if they won.