Tuesday Chat!

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Tuesday Chat!
Tue, 01-22-2013 - 3:49pm

Hi ladies! I can actually log in today, yay! Tried yesterday and just kept getting error screen :( Things have been busy over here, but we're doing well. Violet is teething so I'm getting so little sleep these days.

And if you want to hear the funniest thing, Dh & I saw the CREEPIEST marriage counselor ever... omg he was staring at me like a weirdo! And then sharing examples of couples with very strange issues. I am not sure how on earth he is recommended by the church but I let the head of family ministries know they should update the registry ASAP!! We both left and just about died laughing about the whole thing. If nothing else, it brought us together!! LoI 

how is everyone else doing??

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Wed, 01-23-2013 - 4:38pm

Oh Jen.... how funny is that !!!!!!!!!!    Hopefully, it won't take long for a plan B person on that list !  but yes, goodness, one would think that the church would be a little more on top of it.    Hopefully, the 2nd time is a charm !!  (and yeah that your DH went, too).

Yeah-- I've found with IV all you need to do is let it loop around a few times... so I'll try to post, it will throw me to the log in page, I hit submit and then back to playgroup and try to post, then it sends me back to log in, I hit submit and usually at that point it lets me in.     

Went to Ikea after Danny's class--- he is sooo tired, me too....  LOTS of walking (yet, he is still not asleep!).  LOL   DH has soccer tonight and tomorrow I have my Mammogram in the afternoon....oh, the excitement.

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