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Yoooooo Hooooooooo
Sat, 12-29-2012 - 9:46am

Do NOT get me started on my computer issues with ivillage....  in with the good air....   out with the bad....         anyway, I hope everyone had the grandest of holidays !!  I'm in the process of downloading 416 pictures--- so I think it was a success on our part (and not even with my new camera...which hasn't arrived yet).  We flew back yesterday in the late afternoon---  to a dead battery car !  :(    2 TIRED kids....  6 pieces of luggage (yes, we were only gone a week, LOL) and a dead minivan.   Here's my advice (aren't you glad I go thru these things so that YOU don't have to?)... make sure that there's a FLASHLIGHT AND TOW or EMERGENCY AID number in a spot you always knows is there.   I have a flashlight-- but it's in the trunk of the mini--- and we couldn't get to it easily :(   Our parking attendent was a GODSEND and jumped the car easily and we were on our way ....  but please, make sure TODAY that you have a flashligt in your door the glove box.

More later-- but wanted to post since the IVillage gods actually let me...............